Monday, November 11, 2019


Ask among Lagos Rich Celebrity Babes who are lovers of Hair Cut fondly called “Low Cut” where they have their hair cut, you will be told it is at Tayo’s cut salon in Lekki Phase 1. It is one of the most patronised female salon, where many Lagos big babes have their hair cut. The salon may just be a year old, but it is one of the most talked about celebrity female salon at the moment.

Did you ask why a female hair cut will cost about Twenty Five thousand naira (N25k). Well, permit us to tell you that it is that expensive because of all facilities that come with it. Tayo cut is not just situated in a cool and screne environment in Lekki Phase 1, the conducive atmosphere of the saloon alone would induce you to seek their service.

You are not just going to feel like a Queen, being among rich celebrity babes alone will make you feel on top of the world. The likes of Annie Idibia, Tiwa Savage, Tonto Dikeh, Dija (Marvin), Waje, Flawless face and Jane, to mention a few regularly visit the saloon.

How does the service go you may ask? If you are on 100 Percent Natural Hair, your hair has to be cut low at the Saloon by Tayo-Cut. Investigation reveals that it cost 10 thousand naira to have that done, while the full package with treatment costs N25,000 only.

Is it a walk in Saloon? The answer is No. Unlike any Saloon in Lagos where you can just walk in, the reverse is the case with Tayo Cut. You have to book an appointment first. It was revealed that this is to prevent a crowdy saloon. You must book a few days before going to the saloon, while you get the date of appointment.

Who owns the saloon? Well, City People’s investigation reveals that its owned by an ebony pretty Lekki Big Babes call “Tayo”. She is in her 30s and she refers to herself as an hairstylist and hair beauty expert.

-Abiola Orisile

I Have Tied Gele For N500,000 Before – Hottest Celebrity Gele Stylist, TAIWO TOUCH

Everyone simply calls him Taiwo Touch. He is the most sought-after Gele-tying specialist in Lagos right now. He is hot, so are his service, enjoying rising patronage... His creativity is second to none and he always adds a touch of class to his job. Working with the Queen of Nigeria Make-Up, BMPRO, has also boosted his brand. Taiwo Touch is the choice of the Vice President’s wife, Dolapo Osinbajo, Governors wives, Politicians and other rich celeb women. How did he learn the art of headgear styling (Gele)? How much does he charge per unit? What stands his brand out?



 It promises to be the biggest gathering of accomplished Nigerian women in DubaiPractically all the celebrity ladies who are currently making waves in their sectors will be gathering in Dubai in a few days’ time. It's called The NH lnspiring Women Awards. And the Convener is popular Lagos Designer Nkechi Harry Ngonadi.

She is a leading fashion designer in Nigeria and she specialises in making luxurious clothing. She owns NHN Couture. She also runs a Christian Ministry. She's passionate about women issues. Just check out the beautiful faces of those storming Dubai for the award event below.
Only an accomplished lady like NHN can assemble a galaxy of accomplished celebrity women like these.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Incorporate This Habits To Look Attractive

* Speak eloquently : people often get attracted to you when you speak eloquently and judiciously. It will make it pleasant for people to always be you.

Walk In Heels Without Pain

* Feel relaxed when walking in heels: because you feel more comfortable and make you less likely to hurt yourself. When walking in heels, your legs alone aren’t only the part that walks , your lower back and abdomen are walking hard too. Don’t stiffen your legs when walking in heels, you can only stiffen your legs when you notice you want to fall.

Rules In Tucking Your Shirt

Front/Mullet tuck: is the most popular and easy option when it comes to tucking in your shirt. Front tucking your shirt draws the eye up to your waist rather than leaving your body visual on a long line. Simply grab the front middle of your top and tuck it fully in where there is no extra fabric on top. Don’t front tuck with a thick top that will create a pouch effect in the front.