Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Evangelist Ebenezer Obey's Style Statements @77


Evangelist Ebenezer Obey is 77 but you won't know he is that far gone in age. He doesn't look it. He has this refreshingly young look that takes at least 15 years off his age.

He calls it the Grace of God. He is right. At close to 80 there is no slowing down for this music icon and global star.

He looks good for his age. He is strong, hale and hearty. And he still plays music for long hours. His schedule is as tight as it was many years back. More than ever before everyone wants the man they call Obey Commander to perform at their function. And they are ready to pay any amount to have him fly to anywhere in the world to perform live and direct.

That is why he is always under pressure to play at all the A Class Owambe parties. Not only that. Many Gospel concerts held all over Nigeria & the U.S. have been featuring Ebenezer Obey.

Papa is lucky to be blessed with good health and good looks. He eats well and does regular exercise. And wait for this. He still composes very great songs with deep meaning. Don't forget he is a master composer.

Many don't know Baba Obey as some people call him is a much organised man. He is prim and proper. He is highly principled and focused. He is also much disciplined. He is very neat too.

He has always been a man of great and exquisite taste. He is a superb dresser. He wears only designers.

He is mostly in native which is very comfortable for him. But he also wears formal outfits when the need arises.

All hail this great man who has remained a role model to millions all over the world.

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