Friday, May 17, 2019

Everybody Needs A Spa Treatment - Beauty Therapist, TOLANI AKANDE

Give it to her, she is one of the best beauty therapists in Lagos where she is based. She is well trained for it. She owns a Beauty Spa & Skincare outfit.
And she is on top of her game. That is why she has become one of the most sought after beauty therapists.

What made her go into skin beauty business at the time she did years back, City People Online asked her recently.

I went into skin care business because of my love for flawless skin, my skin used to be a terrible one due to some circumstances during my teenage years, it all started when I went to a boarding house, I had so many skin issues
Though I started Skincare business professionally exactly 10 years ago but I have tried so many natural handmade products on my skin for more than 18years. 

But since I started officially and started selling to people I have been getting positive results.

Why does every lady need a Spa treatment? She owns a Spa so she should know. 

She says it's not only women who need spa treatments. Men need it too.
Everybody's needs Spa treatments because Spa is not a gender base place as per African mentality, it's a place that man or woman either old or young should visit. 

Many Africans especially Nigerians always have this perception that  a Spa is a place where you bleach your skin... that's a CAPITAL NO. There are many services rendered in Spa because we have different types of Spa

Though the Spa industry is saturated now with so many quacks but there are still stand Spas around like I said earlier we have different types of Spa e.g Health Spa, Destination Spa, Beauty Spa to mention just a few but Spakools is a beauty Spa.
It's a Beauty Spa that was set up to provide excellent service.

What are the common skin mistakes ladies make we asked her?
First, exposure to Sunlight for a long time though in this part of our world we can't avoid direct sunlight but if we can limit it that will be better. Also not drinking enough water and substituting water with other drinks is not good for our skin

What is her general advice to ladies on how best to take care of their skin?

My general advice: limit your exposure to direct sunlight, drink a lot of water, eat fruits and avoid harsh skin care products.

How can potential customers reach her?

My contact 07032870480
Address- Plot 334 Adeyemo Akapo Street, Omole Phase 1. Lagos
Facebook- spakools beauty Spa and skin care

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