Monday, May 13, 2019

How Funmi Akerele Juggles Her Many Roles

She is one Big Babe who does a lot of things. She has her hands in so many pies. She is into Events. She is into Entertainment. She is into hospitality business.

That is the story of Funmi Akerele. She is a brilliant and dynamic lady who is full of life.She is a bubbly lady who is very creative in her ways.

She runs an outfit called Nuluk Production which is into pageantry consulting and event management. She is also known in the hospitality industry.

She also works with a very high profile Nigerian.
She's stylish. She is fashionable. And she's blessed with a great figure as her photos below show.

Passion runs through all she does.


  1. She is very stylish, beautiful and dynamic!

  2. She is a jolly good fellow
    Nice to be with,swaggalisious 😂 🤣 and kind.

  3. She's good hearted,beautiful inside out and stylish.

  4. Beautiful, stylish and simply the best.

  5. Beautiful, stylish, and simply the best- Femi Lawal

  6. She is pretty, brilliant and a good ambassador of African prints. Admire her guts Charles Bamidele

  7. She is pretty,loving and kind hearted.No dull moments when you happen to be in company of this free spirited Mama.