Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How I Watch My Weight & Belly Fat - Adunni's Fashion and Spice

Hello ladies, Adunni is back again but today am going to be talking about how I watch my weight and belly fat. A lot of we ladies tend to have a problem with our weight when we get to a certain age and it becomes a big problem to lose that weight, especially we ladies from 40 and above. 

Weight problem sometimes lowers one’s self esteem which also takes away the confidence of some ladies. But if you ask me, you can still be big and be extremely fashionable, I tell you. It’s just a matter of wearing outfits that suit your body shape or structure. A lady's confidence should not be affected because of stature or weight though we all know it's more healthy if we can watch our weight. Now talking about how I, Adunni watch my weight.

First of all I try as much as possible to drink enough water to keep indigestion away. Secondly, Adunni doesn’t not eat in between meals but in rare occasions I do lol. Thirdly I try to stay away from swallows am sure we all know what I mean by that (Eba, Iyan, Fufu) etc.

Now the fourth one I take at least one fruit a day which is also very good for the skin. So to my ladies out there whether your slim or big please don’t let that take away your confidence because your beautiful just the way you are.
Love from Adunni's fashion and spice.

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