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How LOLA ADEWOLE-LAWSON Helps Other Women Feel Beautiful

Lola Adewole-Lawson is a multi-talented fashion designer. She is one of the best in that industry. She is creative, focused and hardworking .She's got passion for what she does for a living. She makes other women look beautiful by coming up with beautiful outfits for them to wear.

Her outfits flatter the body of her customers
She is the Creative Director at Fashion For Life FFL.
Let's tell you more about this beautiful and stylish lady who is currently rocking the fashion industry.  Lola Adewole’s unique talent and distinctive vision, which combines the values of traditional artisanal skills with the very latest developments in fashion technology have underpinned her rise as the creative force behind one of the most dynamic fashion Houses in the African continent.

Lola began her designing at a very young age, by creating and making garments with her mum as a past time for her dolls, and also to get through her arts and crafts class as a student, this interest did not fade away as she grew into adult hood, but instead, Lola recognized this interest as innate talent and decided to explore designing as a career.

On completing her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire, Lola founded the brand Fashion For Life (FFL), then concentrating on contemporary designing, as she was then inspired by the works from western designers, she was also working at this time as a fashion consultant with the luxury- goods powerhouse Harrods Knightsbridge, in the international Designers women’s department.

It is worth mentioning that with such experience, Lola’s attention to detail and focus on unique designing became exceptional. She creates her pieces with the “eagle eye”, understanding what her clients need and how they like to feel when dressed.

Her design approach and focused management style is informed by sharp confidence and decisiveness, as well as her uniquely feminine and distinctly eclectic point of view.

She emerged into the African Fashion scene in 2008 with the  launch of the Empress kaftan, reinventing the classic kaftan look to meet the edgy modern woman , a fuse that erupted into a frenzy as everyone wanted a piece of the Empress kaftan.

Popular for her kaftans, she single-handedly introduced her generation to the flamboyance and elegance of wearing the long flowing kaftans, especially in the Lagos and Accra fashion scene.
She showcased at the Nigerian fashion week 2009, where she was one of the favorites, and from this time, Lola’s success in fashion has also enabled her to open more doors to further achievements.

Lola’s broadening profile has also allowed for an increased activity for “Fashion for Life” (FFL) in the area of social responsibility, a personal commitment that the designer has turned into a passion for the company. On the 3rd of November 2012, Fashion For Life, (FFL) hosted guests to a fashion charity show dubbed  “ The FFL Fashionably Charitable Fashion Show 2012   “  at the events hall of the Terra Kulture, in Lagos Nigeria. The event was a platform to raise funds for the Spina fide orphanage.

Lola is heavily involved in charity works and has dedicated 5% of all proceeds from sales of FFL garments to charity on a quarterly basis.  This is her own humble way of giving back her own little quota in helping the society which she so loves and feels passionate about.

On Sunday April 13th 2014, Africa fashion re-invented style as Lola Adewole, officially unveiled its ready-to-wear digital print collections, which also metamorphosed her into being a fabric designer amongst her many titles. Lola also introduced communicative and interactive fashion as; she can design and print custom made patterns digitally printed on a client’s choice of fabric before piecing it together to make apparels.

 She recently reported that her inspiration came from her homeland Abeokuta, in Ogun State; Nigeria, which is renowned for the creation of the Adire Fabric (Tye and dye fabric). Lola said she wanted to make her own fabrics too, but she recognized the time of her existence being in the e -ages, and for that reason, she had to introduce modern technology into fashion; hence the introduction of Digital printing on plain fabrics.

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and has been embraced because it clearly improves the life style of the human race. This is apparent in Lola's creation of her Digital Print fabrics, which are not only extra vibrant in color, but also shrink resistance, and also have the ability to retain colors for the longest of time imaginable.

Lola has also been instrumental in repositioning the true African textiles and fabric, in the 21st century. Not only has she written a lot of reports to educate the young generation on the Authentic African Fabrics like The Amafuf hand dyed Fabrics from South Africa, The hand dyed Adire Fabric form West Africa, The Kolanut & Indigo Fabrics from The Gambia, the Langa Lapu sun Prints from South Africa, the Aso-oke’s from the Yoruba Kingdom, and the mud cloth from Mali etc, She has also developed and used these indigenous African Fabrics in her designs in other to project and retain African culture.

With all these success stories mentioned, one cannot ignore Lola Adewole's contribution to Africa’s cooperate world, as Lola rose to the level of sales Director in one of Africa's Leading Telecoms Infrastructure Company before retiring to the creative world fully.

Lola Adewole is also on the board of Versacorp limited. An entertainment outfit focused in Nigeria. She also owns a travel and tour company which encourages Africans to plan and spend holidays and vacations in Africa.

Her fashion Brand “Fashion for Life” (FFL) has branches in Lagos, Accra, and Abidjan.
Lola also plans to expand her collection with fashionable home furnishings, bags, shoes, jewelry and a signature perfume in the near future.

She looks forward to many more years of helping women feel beautiful, unique, sexy and empowered in her clothes, although, it is worth  mentioning that Lola has not restricted her designs to female clothing, she recently  introduced a male clothing line and is already making waves among the debonair gentlemen in big African metropolis.

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