Thursday, May 30, 2019

INSURANCE Guru, BISI OTUNBA Speaks On Her New Life @ 50

Bisi Otunba is an accomplished career woman. She is an Insurance practitioner who has done well for herself.

The big news is that Bisi Otunba turned 50 a few days ago and she celebrated it big in Lagos. On her birthday, she looked fabulous.
Many of her friends and family members turned up in large numbers to celebrate someone they all referred to as a Good Woman.

She is an Insurance guru who once worked with First Bank before joining FBN Insurance Brokers Ltd where she rose to become a Deputy General Manager and Head of Marketing & Business Development. She left voluntarily last year January to run her chain of businesses.

She is into Insurance, Oil, and Real Estate.

How does she feel at 50 we asked her a few days back?

I feel exceptionally great and fulfilled at 50.

What are the lessons life has taught her at 50?

The major lesson that life has taught me most, is for one to try as much as possible to be good to people, within your little limit.

You never know when the little seeds u sew or little kindness u show, will eventually save u from total destruction. You never know.

She has faced a lot of challenges in the last few years. What does she makes of it?


Indeed, I have been through so much. A whole lot has happened in my life.
How I was able to survive all the challenges is just God, coupled with my relationship with people around me.

The story of my life is more than a whole book. Especially my marital journey.

Many of the guests who attended her birthday had nice things to say about her. How do all these make her feel?

Well, I hear it every day from different people that I’m nice.
I think it’s just a natural thing.

Like my mum always tell me, sometimes when she looks at me, she shakes her head and tells me that right from my childhood, there's nothing she buys for me that I can't dash out to a friend.  For me, I just do my own things.
I enjoy giving out, it’s my calling.

I don't have much, but as little as I can, I try to give.

At the same time, I don’t look down on anyone.
At my former place of work, my closest friends were the cleaners, drivers and the security guards.

Even in my community, my best pallies are the youth.

All I know is that I am blessed with exceptional human relationship management gifts.


  1. Bisi omoge as I use to call her, is just a lady with a heart of gold!love by she turns 50 may she live to witness many more years ahead!

  2. Bisi is a lady with golden heart, God bless her more at 50

  3. A woman of class yet so humble .. God bless your new age richly...

  4. Iya ni yen, may God continue to bless you infinitely...

  5. My dearest sister,you are so humble & loving. Greater height dear.