Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Life Has Taught Me A Lot At 50 - Popular Actress,TOYIN Adewale


Pretty actress, TOYIN Adewale will be 50 in the next few weeks. And she plans to celebrate it BIG. Predictably she is in a happy mood. She has been looking forward to clocking that golden age.
Toyin is one of the very best in the movie industry. She has acted in very many movies and she has lost count of how many. She is good at what she does. She is naturally talented.
The big news now is her turning 50. She is celebrating it in June in the U.S. where she now lives. She has been there for a while now.
How does she feel turning 50? What are the lessons? These and many more were the questions we asked her a few days ago. Citypeople Online spoke to her about her reflections on life at 50 and she revealed a lot.
She will be turning 50 on June 11th. But she will be having a church Thanksgiving service on 16th June.Where is she celebrating it?
Am celebrating here in the US. Awwwww, I feel good, I feel blessed I feel fulfilled, most importantly I feel very young at heart and am thankful to God for where I am today, I thank God for the journey so far. Yeah... hmm,  life has taught me first and foremost to always put God 1st in everything you do in life He's going to do what he will do at the right time to do it. Life has also taught me that slow and steady wins the race. Do not be in a haste, cos God's ways are not our ways. When he's ready things will surely fall in place, and no one can stop that.
What has been happening to her all these while we asked her?
Nothing much has really been happening to me, have been in and out of the country for some time but later decided to relocate for personal reasons.
I still act, I've not left acting and I can't stop acting, never, ever. It's what I have a great passion for and I would continue to do it as long as I have the strength. Yes have relocated to the US
Does she still act and produce?
Yes, I still act. But stopped producing for a while due to the fact that number 1 am not around for now, and again I'm trying to study the market, make sure the market is stable. Then, I would know what project to come up with that would be acceptable by my audience. I can never ever stop acting. It's what I love doing, apart from the fact that it puts food on my table, its what I enjoy doing,  acting gives me joy. When I look back at my acting career I feel good, I feel have paid my dues, I feel a bit fulfilled but still want the industry to grow more, to grow better in all ramifications. This year makes it 31 years I started acting professionally
Any regrets career wise?

At allllllllllllll. No regret of any sort, I JUST LOVE ACTING

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