Tuesday, May 28, 2019

LONDON Fabric Merchant, HAJIA CIONI LAPOSH Reveals Her Success Story

 In London, she is Big. She is a big fabric merchant that is doing so well. Though her real name is Hajia Chief Mrs. Lola Davies everyone calls her Alhaja Cioni Laposh. She is the CEO/owner of Cioni Fashions &Textiles.

How did she get the nickname, Laposh Cioni?
Cioni is my brand name meant my business name which almost all people in London now refer to me as Alhaja Cioni Laposh is just like appreciating myself as a classy lady...thanks

What is Cioni Textiles into we asked her
Cioni Textiles has been around since 1996 head by my very self we use to sell laces headties jewellery and shoes and bags but we left the shoe and bags and eventually jewellery out of business and deviate to herbadershery in the likes of trimmings and tailoring materials which surpasses the other two lines that we opt out of

All nooks and corners of London know our shop and the very humble Hajia Lola Davies.....think I tried or you can ask more ...thanks a lot
Not many people know that she took after her mum in terms of fabric business.
Yes I do because my mum was a fabric seller in Lagos Island then before my journey down here and I went playing in her shop every day not really learning but as faith would have it, I am in it too here

What determines what she wears to parties?
Buys their Aso Ebi but hardly parties here but more back home sew styles that am comfortable in but not too in the face as it might be just that once am wearing it

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