Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Popular IBADAN Celebrity Lady TOSIN OSINOWO Reveals Her Style Secrets

Have you ever met Mrs Tosin Osinowo  at a party before? If you have you must have noticed she stands out from the pack. She is not your run of the mill celebrity lady. No.She oozes Class and Style.

Lets tell you more. She has s unique fashion  style. She is always gorgeous and Glamorous. She is always on point from Head to Toe. She has her own unique Gele

Her fabrics are rare and exquisite swiss laces. They are uncommon. Her shoes and bags are also top quality, made by top designers. She knows how to put together her look. She knows what fits her. She knows what sits well on her traffic stopping figure.

No wonder she has been rated as one of the best dressed ladies in Ibadan, where she is based.

Interestingly whenever she steps out in Lagos She steals the show. She can't but wow them. She can compete favourably, style wise anywhere she finds herself.

How did she achieve that feat? How did she create her unique style that has worked for her, we asked her.
"It's been God, not me, she explained. "It's God’s Grace and my pure love for fashion. l wear anything that suits me. Simple & Unique are my watchwords when dressing up."

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