Saturday, May 18, 2019

Popular Lagos Beautician, MARY CHARLES Steps Out In Style

She's made a name for herself in the Beauty industry. Years back she was one of the Big Babes rocking the Beauty scene. Everyone simply called her Mary Twinkle. She owned a beauty place that had that name.

She brought to bear on the business all her training and exposure in the US. She dazzled everyone with her creative ideas.

She is still very much into the Beauty business. She is now 55 and her kids have grown up.

City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine caught up with her a few days back and we asked her what has been happening to her all these while.

She revealed a lot about her life.  Below are excerpts of the Mary Charles (Twinkle) interview

What have you been up to over the last few years?

Well, being a single mom is not an easy task, especially when they’re adults.

I’ve been majorly focusing on my family and my career

Are you still based here or abroad?

Yes, I’m based in Nigeria now, although I travel out of the country once in a while...especially on vacations and mostly with my family

What's up with your beauty business? Are you still actively involved?

I am as actively involved as I could get
I love to feel good about myself, skin and health in particular and I have a feeling every other person does too

What has kept you going all these while?

Sighs! God! God is the pillar of my life, he is the reason I came this far and the only reason I am here today is by his grace.

Also, I’m always thankful to God for giving me, my beautiful girls
They’re the best gifts I’ve ever had

You have not been visible on the social scene like you were over the years. Why?

Well, I’ve not been entirely invisible...I’m sure you’d find me if you looked at the right places 😄

I’ve been a little busy with work and parenting anyway
My children are all back in Nigeria with me so I have very limited time

You celebrated recently Was it your birthday?

Yes, my 55th birthday and it was fabulous.

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