Saturday, May 18, 2019

Real Estate Big Babe,ABIMBOLA BELLO Talks About Her Style

Abimbola Bello is a real estate player in Lagos. It is a terrain she understands so well. But when she is not busy with real estate she likes to unwind by attending parties and events.

She is very stylish in her dressing and she carries herself gracefully. She is a naturally pretty lady who makes other women look at her Beauty with envy.

She attends a lot of events on weekends. How does she cope?

"I prepare ahead before the party by choosing colour to wear jewelry to use".

Does she buy Aso Ebi?

But if it is Aso Ebi , I will get to know the colour first so that I can view my look for that day by choosing shoe and purse to use plus the jewelry,

How does she maintain her glowing and flawless skin?

When it comes to my skin I use natural herb.

She is a Lagosian. Where in Lagos?

I am an Awori girl, a native of Ejigbo Lagos.

Does she agree with the general belief that Awori babes are beautiful?

"Of course yes", she says. "That is confirmed."

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