Monday, May 13, 2019

#TailorsTalk about Market Runs

What do you do in the market?

I assumed every fashion designer or fashion forward person should like market runs until my friend told me she would do everything possible not to go to the market! What?! Who does that?! I was bewildered! Like Seriously?

Chai! Don't try me o. I love, LOVE market runs, I can sleep in the market, lol.

It's not my fault o, those fabrics are always toasting me.

So What do you do when you go to the market?

When ever you have market runs or decide to go to the market(especially for those who don't like it), Please, it's okay to budget an additional 30 mins or 45mins max. During this time, you window shop.

You should check out other things apart from what you came to buy, you can and you should ask for the prices of other fabrics or accessories, anything in line with your work/job. It won't hurt to know their prices. Notice I didn't say anything needed.

Go round and ask for the prices of things, knowing this;

• helps you plan to save towards getting any item
• helps you know how much to charge your clients
Also, when you go to market, it's okay to make friends and ask questions, seek opinion of others(including fellow buyers).

Above all, have the contact number of the sellers(especially the trusted ones), this can even save you from going to market several times; you could call and ask for the current prices of items needed

When in the market, you can also ask the sellers what is in vogue ATM(at the moment) or what an item is used for. When you see any item, familiar or not, feel free to ask them for the market name. Don't be shy o.

I wanted to buy pinky shears one day and I asked my customer, I had to look for it myself, when I found It, she laughed so hard and said "na fancy scissors".... I said okay and told her it's also called pinky shears in case an "oyinbo" (not whites o) wants to buy. Do you know this woman calls me pinky shears since then?😂😂😂

The other day too I wanted to buy a "bra-cup" for a dress we were making and the woman said they call it 'cup' or "breast"
If you don't know the market names, you wee tey in the market.😎

Just yesterday I found out a new fabric and they called it "scuba crepe" or something. It's scuba but very light. Btw, don't mention "Neoprene" in the market o😂😂😂

It's important to know their real names as well as market names.

For those of us who do impulse buying, knowing the market prices will help us. What I do is to make a list and write the prices against each item. Then I include my Transportation cost and a little mark up.

The mark up is in case prices have gone up.

-Window Shopping is the activity of looking at goods displayed in shop windows, especially without intending to buy anything.
-Neoprene is similar to scuba but lighter.

Ps: This article is not as articulate as I would have loved it to be, please bear with me.

So, what do you do or what have you been doing when you go to the market?



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