Monday, May 20, 2019

The Largest African Event In The North West of England, PAFASH Set To Hold In August 2019

Founder Speaks To City People

As the fashion entrepreneurs await the The largest African Fashion event in the North West of England, Passion For African Fashion ( PAFASH)., the  organiser and Multi award-winning fashion Entrepreneur.., Ibiyemi Alabi, says she is using the show to define African cultural beauty.

PAFASH, according to the convener, is an initiative for established and emerging fashion talents from across different countries to showcase the power and potentials of fashion skills, to deliver new networks, trade links and highlight sustainability.

Speaking with City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine, she highlights the modality to balance the moral debauchery associated with beauty pageants, hinting that the content of PAFASH is all about communication, about purpose; it is about people understanding that this is a platform for male and female to showcase their crafts in the business of fashion.

Who is Ibiyemi Alabi?

Ibiyemi Alabi is a Multi-award winning fashion Entrepreneur. The Head Designer of Kaft Trendz and the Founder of Passion For African Fashion (PAFASH). Ibiyemi has a 1st degree in Economics from the Lagos State University ( LASU) and MBA (Financial Management) from the University of Hull UK. .

After years of working both in Nigeria and the UK, she decided to bring all her experience towards a new Venture. Started Kaft Trendz in 2013 with a passion to help modern fashionistas, individuals, social fashion cravers stand out uniquely on her brand. Kaft Trendz is a multiple award-winning brands of African Inspired, Cultural and Ethnic Clothing. 

A quintessential brand reflecting a modern blend of bold prints, colour, and style with the aim to renew a sense of pride in our African culture and having the confidence in expressing who we are..

Ibiyemi made history and organised the very first African fashion event in Liverpool. She believes African Inspired fashion is not a trend it's here to stay... She's passionate about promoting the African Fashion industry as a whole and wants to see the industry thrive hence started Passion for African Fashion (PAFASH).

How has it been so far?
So far it has been great. The reception has been quite welcoming especially when it gives the emerging designers the opportunity to network with the high-end designers and debut the fashion industry.

What inspired PAFASH?
PAFASH started because at the time of its inception there was no African fashion event in Liverpool. There was no platform for African designers to break into the industry. PAFASH became the 1st African fashion event in Liverpool and can say the Largest in the North West of England.

Also, I see a lot of western designers now draw inspiration from African prints hence I felt the need to create opportunities for Africans to rise up and embrace their culture and educate everyone in their vicinity.

How can Africans benefit from the project?

PAFASH is an initiative for established and emerging fashion talents from across different countries to showcase the power and potentials of fashion skills, to deliver new networks, trade links, and highlight sustainability. It’s not just about the glitz and glamour on the runway.

With a vision for growing outlets for African fashion which allows for collaboration, cooperation, and inspiration. PAFASH encourages designers and businesses to meet, share ideas, co-create and innovate. A platform that understands the value of Africans working together.

What are the challenges so far?

Resources and funding from African designers is a major factor in the growth of the African fashion industry.

What motivates you?
Success, achievements motivate me. When I put my mind to something I do it no matter the challenges.

What should we expect for PAFASH2019?

A one-day fun-filled activity event which kicks off with a fashion fair followed by catwalk shows, afro hair show, special recognition, live performances,  media lounge, business networking music dance and a lot more.

Any words for aspiring designers / models

Persistent hard work, be passionate about what you do, attend events that will help perfect your skills to be best at what you do. Never give up on your goals, keep trying until you achieve what you want to achieve. Never put money first acquire knowledge first which then turns into money...

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