Friday, May 31, 2019

Why The Fashion, Label AYStitches 1706 Is Very Popular In IBADAN

She is one of the best and hottest fashion designers in Ibadan. Her label, AYStitches 1706 is one of the most sought after fashion labels.

A lot of stylish ladies rush to her for their outfits. All she does is to take a good look at them and she will tell them what will sit well on their various bodies.

She has also been described as the Queen of Tulle Dresses.

We are talking of the one and only Ayokunnumi Emoruwa who makes other women beautiful.

Aystitches is a unisex brand based on both Lagos/Ibadan set up by Ayokunnumi Emoruwa. Aystitches will be 3. We are into unisex styling, our clients cut across male/female, children, middle aged and adults. Our head office is located in Ibadan

Why add 1706 to her brand name?

That’s my birth date June 17 and coupled with the fact that there are other Aystitches. It’s just to create a separation from others to avoid clash or confusion.


  1. Ay stitches is amazing. The skill is innate. Great job Ay.

  2. Their designs are exquisite,I've always been a fan of her designs..Weldon at stitches

  3. @Ay stitches is the bomb with so much fashion sense and styles are exclusively beautiful.