Saturday, May 25, 2019

Why Felly Skincare Is Making Waves In The Beauty Sector

Felicia Oluwaseun Goualin is the lady behind Felly Skincare, a beauty company that is currently making waves in the Beauty Sector.
A few days back she told Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine how Felly Skincare became big and successful.

Felly Skincare offers organic and dermatologists formulated products. The best skincare products one can invest on. All our products are hydroquinone free, steroid free, mercury free,  and paraben free.

Felly skincare was born under Make-up, Fashion and Beauty on facebook in 2011. But had to take a break due to my infertility journey of IVF, also during that break, I had a degree in biomedical Science and currently rounding up on my Master in Physician Associate. 

Although still not sure if I will specialise in cosmetics dermatology or Women's health due to my 10 years of infertility/fertility journey. But at the moment,  I am enjoying everything about skin.

We love formulating our products from plants and work closely with expertise in the dermatology world.

We help individuals to achieve a flawless glowing skintone with no side effect or breakout and they will see results under 7 days.

Our soap comes in different varieties, different products for different skin disorders. We also do customised /personalised serum tailored to individual skin.

We offer the best skincare products for skin treatment such as aging, acne, melasma, some degree of psoriasis, eczema, hyperpigmentation, sunburn, dark spots, scars, stretch mark, skintag, whitening, glowing of skin. We also have the secret to celebrities flawless glowing skin tone.

For the skintag treatment- it is an immediate result but we always demand for the picture of the skintag before posting out orders to make sure it is not benign and we tend to do a short history taking from such individual just to know their health status for example, the healing process might take longer for someone who is diabetic.

We deliver worldwide

Felly Skincare - Our page on Instagram is Felly Skincare and Fellysfood

Facebook pages- Fellycollection, Felly world of jewellery, Make-up, Fashion and Beauty

UK CONTACT NUMBER /WhatsApp +44796160496


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