Saturday, May 25, 2019

Why l decided To Shoot A Comedy Movie -Popular actress, Habibat Jinad

Habibat Jinad is in the news right now. She has just shot a comedy movie. Habibat is one of the hottest actresses in the Yoruba movie industry. She is not only an actor, she is a filmmaker and TV host.

What's the comedy movie all about?

The title of the movie is Shaku Shaki coming soon to rule your screen.  As an actor you have to be versatile. Many people can't believe I could do a comedy movie, but when a lot of people saw the flick of the movie when they all loved it,in fact they can't wait for it.

So, good people watch out for my new project Shaku Shaki 100% comedy thanks.

For how long has she been acting?

11 years now to God be the Glory my son is also a kid actor now. He has featured in over 15 movies both English and Yoruba movies. He's name is Joshua Jinad

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