Monday, May 20, 2019

Why Ladies Rush To Mobbies Bijoux For Their Jewellery

Rofiat Omobolanle Oyebanji is a leading Jewelry merchant in Lagos. She runs a flourishing jewellery and fabric business as well. And she is doing a great job at that. Right now she is one of the hottest in that business because she sells good quality jewellery. She is a nice lady who treats all her customers with respect.

She has a rich collection of beautiful pieces of jewellery. Let's tell you a bit about her collection. She has exclusive Brazilian Gold plated Jewellery. She has 18 Karat Italian Gold, Romania Gold, Diamante, Sterling silver/Costume Jewellery  and Fabrics at its best.

Let's tell you more about this lovely lady called Omobolanle Ayinke

She is one of the hottest young Jewellery merchants in Lagos. She is very good at the business. She stocks the very best.

Recently, Citypeople Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine asked her for her success story. We wanted to know how she succeeded where others had failed.

She revealed a lot about her going into that line of business.

“My name is Rofiat Omobolanle Oyebanji from Lagos state....I was born on May 15,1983,was born into family of 3,am the first born...I finished my secondary school education in 2000 Ansar ud deen high school surulere...

Then went to Lagos state University Ojo where I studied Sociology for 2001 to 2007...After graduating from school I served in Imo State later redeployed back to Lagos state where I worked with Lagos State emergency Help line 737 as a call centre agent .....

I worked there for some years and later got an appointment to work with former chief judge of Lagos State...Chief justice Ibitola Sotuminu

Have passion for jewelry selling since my University days where I travel to Kano, Ilorin and Abuja to buy 18carat gold jewelry and sell to my fellow student in school then.

After working for some time, I decided to quit my job for the jewelry business and I started from a small shop in Surulere then later started selling online both on Instagram and all d social media.

Jewelry is in born, it’s my calling, is what I do with less stress, I derive so much joy doing it.

How did she coin the name of her brand?, we asked her.

Mobbies was coined from my name Omobolanle,....Bijoux means jewelry in French language.

I actually wanted to name my company escalante when I registered it in 2010,my course mates in LASU then call me escalante, but someone already registered the name escalante

So I came up with Mobbies Bijoux

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