Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Why SUSULTANA Clothing Line's JALABIA & ABAYA Are In Hot Demand

Suaad Onikijipa-Faruq is a beautiful lady who makes other ladies look beautiful in the way they dress. She sells the best JALABIA &ABAYA in town.

She is stylish and she is a good advertisement for the business she does for a living. She runs Susultana Clothing, a luxury line that stocks the modern day Jalabia & Abaya.

She caters to the classy and exquisite modern woman.
What made her go into that line of business, Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine asked her a few days ago.

Being a lover of modest fashion myself, I’ve always liked such wears but most designs had mostly the same style and there was nothing unique or different about them... So I decided to go into it to do it differently.

To give the opportunity to those who want these kind of dresses yet look different and classy in them.

Let's tell you a bit about Suaad, the founder. She is from Kwara State. She schooled at Afe Babalola University in Ekiti State where she studied International Relations & Diplomacy.

Those who want to reach her get across on
IG ; @Susultanaa
Mobil; 0706 124 1258

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