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Engineers are not usually romantic people. They are not giving to the softer side of life. This is because their profession and training toughens them. They are usually on site all the time. 

Fashion Styles At The 10th Remembrance Of Alhaja M.A Ajibade In Ibadan

Style Statements Of The Akinsiku Of Lagos Revealed

Lagos Celebrity Woman Funke Adeyemi’s Hot Looks Revealed

Call her one of the best dressed ladies in Lagos and you won't be wrong. This is because Funke Adeyemi is always on point whenever she steps into a party and all heads usually turn in her direction.

She is into clothing business. She used to own a boutique.

How SHAKIRAH Dazzles All The Big Babes In DALLAS Texas With GLAM Beautyplus

Shakirah is a beautiful naija big babe who recently relocated to Dallas,Texas. She's into Make-up and Cosmetics. She is skilled in her field. She also has good customer relations. She moved to the US 6 months ago.

She is the CEO of Glambeautyplus. She told Citypeople online Fashion and beauty Magazine a few days back that at Glambeautyplus we do Make Up, Gele, organic skincare and beauty in general.

Friday, June 28, 2019

How Man Of Style, BOLAJI Runs His Bodaline London Label

He is a man of immense sartorial elegance. He is blessed with a great figure which makes anything he wears to sit well on him.

His name is simply BOLAJI and he runs a top men’s label called Bodaline London.
Let's tell you more about Bolaji and his Bodaline Clothing brand. 

It's an African inspired menswear label.
Though it is advertised as a premium luxury, it is very affordable to a wide range market. lts made up of TunicsKaftansAgbadaAso Ebi, Custom made to a client's satisfaction.

What I Found Out Taking Part In Party Politics - By FUNKE AWOLOWO

Recently we were inundated by a plethora of political parties, altogether summed up to about ninety-five parties. Interestingly enough only the two major party's gained any form of significant amount in terms of votes. A reflection of grossed inefficiency and total lack of readiness of the party's, the voters or even Nigerians. To be candid most of the participants fully miscalculated the menace or the degree to which the electorate needed to be orientated taking into cognisance the malpractice and distorted voting behaviour adopted over the years.

Whilst they were telling the electorate what they needed to hear, they at the same time needed a more convincing methodology.  For me, it was just about time for the new move but the much-needed thrust presented was at its best weak. This group of nouveau politicians including myself did not fully understand the terrain or to what extent the Nigerian voter had developed indifference, apathy and become increasingly lethargic over the years. 

This is learnt firsthand as I engaged in one on one campaigns to my disgust many had thrown in the towel at inception and in quoting them without actually words relegating the activities to eventually culminate into Business as usual.  Many retorted saying to me blatantly that the winner had already been decided even before the election.  Do not waste your time, resources would be the response or telling me rather matter of factly, that politics is not for the righteous or innocent.  The game was for the shrewd, dirty and the compromising.  I hated the term game but soon got used to it. A strategy being good enough an application, it was clear that most if not all did not fully comprehend the inherent dynamics in politics. 

The first will be cognitive reasoning followed by an unparalleled zeal to liberate all and sundry and last a methodology that reflects preparedness.  All these were totally and completely absent spelling doom and waste for most of the parties.
I had a stint or even a bit more with the APC party in my area and I witnessed firsthand organised meetings involving different groups, where impartation, fraternisation, and even provisions were made available. 

The Fashion Style of Popular Broadcaster, IYABO ABAGUN Revealed!

She is a seasoned broadcaster who has worked for many years with the NTA. She is beautiful. She is stylish. And she has got good Carriage, Grace and Poise.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why l Went Into Skincare Business 2 Years AGO - IBADAN Skincare Therapist, OGECHI

Ogechi Opeyemi Kehinde - Ojo is a damn good skin doctor. Some call her a skin therapist. Others describe her as a skin mechanic. This is because Ogey is so good at what she does. She is a Skincare expert. She is also an organic skincare formulator.

We Help Our Clients Nurture Their Skin, Body & Mind At Fairy skin Treatment- Bridgett Misaa

Bridgett Misaa is one of the best Skincare Therapists. She is quite knowledgeable about luxury skincare treatment.

That is what she offers at  Fairy skin Treatment where she is the big boss.

Why Many Celebrity Women Go To Eddy's Beauty N Spa For Their Skin Therapy

Whenever celebrity women run into Mrs. Edna Kehinde Adeyemi at parties they always ask her the same questions. How do you maintain your flawless skin? What do you do to make your skin glow? They always admire her smooth and silky skin.

And she never fails to tell them what they can do to have her kind of Skin. lt is then she will tell them she is a trained skin therapist and one of the best in the industry.
She will then invite them to her beauty centre where she makes other women look more beautiful.

All Hail the Iyalode Of New Jersey, QUEEN ADERONKE @ 50

The Naija community in New Jersey is agog with the forthcoming  50th birthday of one of the biggest celebrity women in the city.

That is Queen Aderonke Precious Odunade. She will be 50 in a few days’ time. And she will be celebrating it big.

That is to be expected. In New Jersey she is big. She was installed the Iyalode of New Jersey last year September. It is based on her constant support for people around her.
I love to support people in any way I can. Showcasing their business, fashion, or promoting their business.

 My support for people amongst the Nigerian community was recognized. I promote our culture, fashion, and businesses. I love to influence people for what is right. I stand for the truth. 

Aderonke was born on July 8th, 1962 in Washington DC USA. At the age of 5, her parents took her to Nigeria where she completed her primary and secondary school education. Aderonke returned to the United States of America at age 20 to complete her higher education at Jersey City State College and graduated with a Degree in Applied Science in 1992.

IBADAN Businesswoman, ADEYINKA BABAYALE, Fashion Style Revealed

Adeyinka Babayale is a very adorable woman. She is not only pretty, but she's also stylish in her dressing and she always looks gorgeous all the time.

She lives in Ibadan. That is where she also does her business too. She deals with gift items in lbadan. She is also into ladies wears and Jewellery.

Though she is a native of Ijebu Ode, she was born and bred in Ibadan. She attended Sacred Heart Private School for her primary education, then St. Teresa's College, Oke Ado, lbadan for her secondary school. 

At The Opening Of VMO Lifestyle

Celebrating US Big Babe, Omobolanle Makoyawo

This is the story of one of the most stylish Naija babes in the US. lt is the story of Omobolanle Makoyawo.


Popular Ogun broadcaster, Seun Davies is back on the beat, fully. She is the GM of the newest radio station in Abeokuta, Ogun State called Smash 88.1FM. She is a seasoned broadcaster who has paid her dues. Over the years, she has worked with many old radio stations like OGBC. This has prepared her for her new job.


Everyone calls him Mayorkun. But his real name is Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel. He is one of the hottest hip hop stars currently rocking the music scene in Nigeria and beyond. He hit it big 3 yrs ago when Davido reached out to him, telling him he liked his music. They chatted and hit it off. Since then, his career has been on an upward swing. Lately, Maryorkun’s career has been on a roller coaster, travelling round the world, performing and signing deals. He just got back from a trip abroad and City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine reached out to him for an interview 3 weeks ago, but it was difficult getting him to speak. Once he arrived, he headed for the studio to do some recordings for his series of Singles which he is set to release, one after the other. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Why Many Ladies Are Rocking Omolewa Cosmetics

Irene Dele-Adejumo is a very successful and accomplished entrepreneur who is currently making waves in the Beauty Sector.

She owns Omolewa Cosmetics and it is a range of products that many ladies like to use right now.

She talks about how the idea Omolewa was born;

Seun Olagunju Set To be Honoured @ City People Online Fashion & Beauty Awards

TV gal, Seun Olagunju is one of the best dressed ladies in the country. Though she is a damn good broadcaster she is also a lady of great style.


She is one of the best makeover practitioners in the Make-up industry. She is good at what she does. That is why over the last 8 years she has built Bellevous Makeovers into the big brand it is today.

So good is Mojisola that many Lagos babes are hooked on her brand.  They all rush to her for their Make Up needs.
City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine asked her for the secret of her success recently and she revealed a lot about it.

Below is the few descriptions about my brand:

I am Mojisola Yusuf, the creative director of Bellevous Makeovers. A beauty brand built and nurtured successfully over the past 8years.

With Bellevous Makeovers, beauty isn’t just good looks, beauty to us is an experience that pleases the aesthetic sense and we strive to achieve that with every client we have worked with over the years.

US Based Gospel Singer, MEGA MERCY Set To Hold Praise Concert

Lady of Style, Prophetess Dutchess Anu Davies aka Mega Mercy is set to host a Praise Concert in Houston Texas where she lives.

City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine spoke to her a few days ago and she revealed a lot about her success story.

She recently turned 40 but she looks much younger and beautiful.
Hear her:

My name is Anuoluwapo Hannah Davies aka Mega Mercy. I’m a mother, an award-winning Actress, and Gospel Singer, a Motivational Speaker. I’m a socialite that loves meeting people and I work In the United State as Nursing Assistant.

Man of Style, Peter Obafemi, Set To Float New Airline

Big business man, Otunba Peter Obafemi has something big up his sleeves. We can tell you that for free that he is set to float a brand new airline.

Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine spoke to him about it a few days ago and he confirmed that he is set to take off with his aviation project.

Style lcon, Seun Olagunju Reveals Her Style Secrets

TV gal, Seun Olagunju is one of the best dressed ladies in the country. Though she is a damn good broadcaster she is also a lady of great style.

She always looks Glamorous and stunning all the time. And when she steps out to a party all heads usually turn in her direction.

She is always gorgeously attired whether in formal wears or traditional outfits. She has a way of dazzling every one with her beauty and Style.

For very many years Seun has been a screen diva,and everyone usually looks out for what she would wear when she comes on air to read the news.

She was a newscaster with AIT before she joined the NTA. The big news is that this beautiful woman is no longer with NTA. But she still occasionally presents some programmes on the Federal government Social Intervention programme & BOI projects.

Recently Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine spoke to her about her Style statements and how she manages to look good all the time. Below are excerpts of the interview.

You are one of the best dressed ladies in Nigeria today How did your being stylish evolve?

I think I subconsciously imbibed my mother's sense of style. She was a very beautiful and fashionable woman. I just like to look good and dress well. They say you're addressed as you're dressed. Being presentable and looking good are also tools of my career and  business as a broadcaster, image maker and fashion entrepreneur. I am a walking advertisement of my brand! Lol!

How can every woman create a Style that can work for them?

By making sure they wear what suits them and not follow trends blindly.

ow that you have left paid employment is it true that you've gone into fashion business fully have been in the fashion business for over 23 years running boutiques and even have a Ready-to-wear Line called SOFAB(Acronym for Seun Olagunju Fashion and Beauty). My fashion businesses have people who run them. I'm just the creative designer.

I left mainstream broadcasting for now but I still work for the Federal government. Bank of Industry.

What is the difference between being Stylish and Fashionable ?

Not much difference. The fashion you imbibe is your style. I think both go together. A stylish person is usually perceived as fashionable and vice versa. A stylish person is one who's fashion style is attractive, commendable and trend setting

Please share with us the names of the designer labels you go for when it comes to your  accessories like perfumes, shoes, bags and make up?

Those close to me know I love Louis Vuitton and Gucci- bags, shoes, perfumes, jewelery, accessories,luggage. I use other designers too but those are more. I love shoes a lot, so I buy from anywhere I see the ones i like. For clothes, like I said I wear whatever suits me, whether designer or street fashion. For African, I wear my brand of course!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Style Statements Of Popular OGUN Socialite,Afo Guarantor

That popular Ogun socialite and Construction Giant Chief Afolabi Sodunke is a man of sartorial elegance is not in doubt. Those who have seen him at social functions will attest to the fact that he is always well dressed.

I Want To Turn Every Woman lnto A Queen With My Designs--Queenel Of Queen Elizabeth Collections

Queenel lvie Ebalunode is an Edo born beautiful lady blessed with a lovely figure. She is a damn good fashion designer who is very very talented.

She is the lady behind the label called Queen Elizabeth collections. She has been running her label for the past 4 years.

This graduate of Igbinedion University told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine that she coined her brand name after herself." lts from my name. My name is Queen Elizabeth. That is what l abbreviated to Queenel. I named my brand after me.