Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Power Couple, Dr Abayomi & Olori Ranti Ajayi Celebrate 31 years of Marriage

Nordica Fertility boss, Dr Abayomi Ajayi and his lovely wife, Olori Ranti are a power couple. Both are into the medical line. Whilst the husband is a renowned fertility doctor, she is a Fertility sex and relationship counselor.

Beyond medicine both are power dresses. They both dress well. They look sweet all the time. Let’s take you into their world...

Both are in a happy mood right now. It's their 31st wedding anniversary. She says she calls herself Olori because her husband is a king in her home.

What is the secret of her successful marriage?

She revealed it on her IG handle. She gave out some tips."It is not easy. Nobody is saying it is easy. lt is not. We all go through  challenges at different stages of Marriage. But be committed. Pray. Don’t take each other for granted. Be friends with each other. Don’t sleep in different rooms. Have regular SEX. Laugh together. Play together and enjoy each other's company. Please don't forget to encourage each other.

Bring out the best in your spouse. Protect your spouse from your family members and friends. Never compare your home. Stay on your lane. Don't let the internet rush you.

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