Saturday, June 1, 2019

Why Many Celebrity Women Go For 18 Carat Gold--ABIKE GOLD Reveals

Everyone calls her ABIKE Gold. But her real name is Abiodun Kemisoye Olayemi. She is a leading Jewelry merchant. She is good at what she does. 

She is trustworthy too. She has been into Jewellery business for the past 4 years and within such a short space of time she has built a followership that is impressive.

Why do a lot of celebrity women buy Gold from her? "I guess it's because they find me reliable," she explains.

People buy from me cause and honest and trustworthy.

Why are so many women attracted to Gold?

"To everyone it’s different, but I know it’s because it’s a good investment, and it’s classy. It adds elegance to outfit.

"To me gold has a good aura."

A lot of women go for 18 Carat Gold when there are higher grades?

She smiles. "lt is because 24 Carat gold is more expensive but it has higher quality. 18carat is affordable and shines more than 24 carats. And there is 22 carats as well ".

How did she begin to sell Gold?

"I started selling gold for a while now although I don't have a sufficient fund to start so I buy 2 or 3 and resell till am able to start

"Once I sell I replace them back immediately till Am able to get my connections from Italy.

"And some of my customers paid half as deposit then I get it for them and they pay me immediately they receive it because gold requires sufficient fund

That was how she began to manage her business till it grew big.

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