Wednesday, July 3, 2019

10 Golden Rules to having a Flawless Skin – Joko Adeusi

1. Know your skin type. Some people have oily skin, some have Dry Skin while others have what we call the combination skin. This will enable you know what cream and what care to give your skin.

2. On a full body structure, you could have all 3 types of skin textures. So once you know what texture a particular part of your body has, it helps you choose the cream to use on that part of the body. Eg some people have oily face, Dry feet and Combination body.

3. Be sure that whatever cream you choose to use is purly organic and skin friendly.

4. Never go to bed with your makeup on. Always wash off completely

5. The use of a face toner is very essential in every ladies beauty routine.

6. If you are using a lightening cream, always know when to give your skin a break.

7. The use of a good moisturiser cream is also essential for any lady. I would recommend Cetaphil anyday anytime.

8. The organic 100% Coconot oil does wonders. It clears all skin pigmentation, dark patches, white dots on the legs etc

9. Water therapy is very good for the skin. Drink alot of water daily.

10. Body exfoliation, body steaming, Hammam etc would enable your pores open  and they also give you a very healthy skin. I would recommend any of this at least once in every two months.

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