Saturday, July 6, 2019

About The Juicy Way Nigerians ln DUBLIN Dazzle At Parties

Do you know that Nigerians in Dublin dazzle at parties just like their counterparts in Lagos?

Yes, they do. Everything you talk about concerning Owambe parties in Lagos happens at Dublin parties.

Parties are organised in the same style no matter where Nigerians found themselves across the globe.

This brings us to how Nigerians party in Dublin with a funky twist.

Like every Nigerian party, Aso ebi is usually incorporated. The Aso ebi notification usually go round 4 to 5 months earlier, just to ensure the fabric goes into circulation in advance.  Also, in order to give everyone enough time to design the fabrics, as the designer aren't as much as we have back at home . Which is why majority of the party guests have to queue up with the few fashion designers to style their outfits.

The Aso ebi, usually is an Ankara and lace fabric. The Ankara which could be of two types, one cheaper and the other an expensive one.

And the lace fabric is also at affordable price, but usually more expensive than the 2 Ankara fabrics.

A lot of times the men usually rock the Ankara fabrics while the women rock the lace fabrics.

The party venue is another big part of the event. As the party hosts ensures to rent a reasonable size of hall in a lovely hotel or usually school halls or some community halls which are rented out for events.

The party food are also classic, in the sense that all types of African cuisines you can think of are served and intercontinental cuisines to satisfy the non African who are invited too.

The African cuisine, just to mention a few, Ofada rice and the green stew (Obe ata dudu with all sorts of assorted meats), Yam porridge, Poundo yam and Egusi garnish spinach stew, Amala and gbegiri and ewedu...

The events are also very elaborately decorated up to a great standard, to suit the guests pleasure and satisfactions.

Nigerians and their African time saga is the most interesting part of Dublin parties.

Usually, the party time is stated to start at 4 or 5pm.
But to my greatest amazement, invited guests travelling down to Dublin, usually turn out at event around 12 or 1 am.

But the actual Dublin residence, don't arrive at parties until 2 or 3 am.

While the invited guests usually return to the various destinations around 4am, the Dubliners are just getting started.

And they continued to rock the party floor with lovely and latest Afro musical band or the D. J of the event, until 5 or 6am in the morning.

Most parties are organised on Friday or Saturday nights to suit the difference working class schedules.

Also, Dubliners, do the best to avoid party clashes, so as to ensure there's a full turn out at every event.

The various party planning gives majority of Nigerians in Dublin and the outskirts a relaxing atmosphere to dance, catch and chat up with old friends and colleagues.
The party atmosphere is also bubbling, because its like being at a fashion event. Because people, especially women, big girls, ladies get to show off the latest acquired shoes and bags, gorgeous and stunning jewellery and different and latest hair styles.

Party celebrations also create an avenue to make up artists to advertise themselves, not to forget the ladies in the head gear tieing businesses.

Dublin parties are usually lovely to attend, because Dubliners always ensure the parties are celebrated on a shinning level and memorable, to gist guests from the outskirts something to gist about for a long period after the event.

The usual money sprayed at parties in Dublin is Dollar bill. Dubliners are known to spray Dollar bills on the dancing floor to make their parties fun, elaborate and outstanding.

Parties organise in the other counties, asides Nigerian Dublin parties are also celebrated to juicy levels and standards.

But, parties in Dublin are what you could refer to as show stopper events, because Nigerian Dublin parties compared to other parties are rated 4 to 5 star events.

The give away gifts for the guest in the Aso ebi ranges from laundry basket, electric kettles, microwave and other nice household utensils or valuables.

Honestly, I have heard of parties celebration in the diaspora, but Nigerians p Dublin parties are also one to reckon with.

In the sense that the parties are juicy, the host and the guests are gorgeously stunning and the party gist are also memorable with different twists.

Just like the women get to show off their stylish gorgeous outfit, jewellery, hairstyles, head gears, the men aren't left out. They rock the event in lovely Italian suede or leather shoes and lovely and expensive wrist watches or wrist bands.
Nigerians in Dublin like I earlier mentioned exhibit glamorous effects whenever it comes to party entertainment without leaving any stones unturned.

Party celebrations, is another avenue through which Nigerian educate their European children about our culture, traditions and lifestyles. So that East or West, they are encouraged to imbibe their African culture and embrace their African culture as parts of their lives.

The female teenagers embraces wearing the African Aso ebi's more than the male teenagers, who sometimes feel the sokoto and buba's looks ridiculous unlike their various shirt and jean outfits.

The greatest and the most embraced Nigerian - Irish teenagers is their love for Africa music a large. Hardly, would you find a teenager that's not familiar with the Nigerian hip hop musics of the fast rising Afro hip hop musican, such as wizkid, Olamide badoo, Davido to mention a few.

The so called D. J's are usually Nigerian teenagers or adults whom have great love for African hip hop music. Suddenly, an hobby for the love of African music just turns into a job.

Sometimes, the parties sittings are stylishly classified to suit the mummy's and daddy's and the young adults too. In order to make extra effort to ensure every guest present is made comfortable.


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  2. Nice insight into the Dublin party scene, will look forward to enjoying one with you soon

    1. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Y'all are greatly appreciated. God bless 🙏😘