Saturday, July 6, 2019

Achieving The Corporate Look For A Plus Size Woman

By JOKO ADEUSI, The Plus Size Clothing Expert

Let's talk about what plus size Boardroom women can wear to work. lt is important because many plus size ladies in the corporate world complain bitterly about how difficult it is to achieve that corporate look they want because of their stature.

That challenge,not problem is easy to resolve.Lets talk about it.

Where are my Plus Size Board Room Guru's.

Do you realise the Board room is not only meant for Skinny women?

We have loads of Plus Size women calling the shots in the Corporate world.

How are you expected to look in other to steal the show in the corporate environment?

The Word BBB (Big Bold & Brainy or Beautiful) works more in the corporate world.

A few steps to help you achieve the Corporate look as a Plus Size Woman.

1. Always know that No matter your size, there is a ready made Corporate wear  that will fit you. Avoid wearing Cut and sew in the corporate environment. Restrict your cut and sew to your Natives.

2. A long floor lenght Pencil skirt is a must have in your collection. This would always give you a slimming effect.

3. If you have to wear a long Jacket, make sure you wear it either on a pencil pant or on a pencil skirt.

4. If the need arises and you have to wear a camisole, make sure your nipples are well tucked in your bra. And make sure you jacket has a hook at the tummy area. This would help cover the tummy bulge.

5. For the Corporate world, i would advise the Plus Size women to stick to dark Coloured wears eg Skirt Suits, Pant Suits, Dress and Jackets, Mix & Matches.

6. Avoid Flowery outfits as they tend to pronounce Plus Size features.

7. Never attempt to tuck in your shirts or Camisole. Wearing a Jacket on your Shirt can help you achieve the smart look you are looking for.

8. Peplum Corporate Wears are a must have in every plus size Closet. The peplum cut covers the tummy bulge

9. Never wear oversized cloths to work. Yes you are plus sized but make sure you know your size and make sure you wear what is comfortable and fits you perfectly.

10. If you can, a bit of heels (Block Heels) make a plus size woman look smarter in the work environment. Try to avoid totally Flat shoes if you can.

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