Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Being A Male Gives Me An Edge ln My Business--Bridal Hair&Gele Stylist, Hairbyseunfunmi

When you hear the name of his beauty label, Hairbyseunfunmi  you would easily think that the brand belongs to a lady.

But let's quickly tell you that Oluwaseunfunmi Akomolafe is a guy. He is good at what he does .

He is a bridal hair & Gele stylist. Why did he choose hair business?

As regards the services I render I am a bridal hairstylist and a Gele stylist and the uniqueness of my styling technique  make me different

My jobs are always neat and made to perfection just to suit the customer's need
What kind of Hairstyles does he specialise in?

Basically bridals both weaves and natural hair styling and I also make wigs
What made him go into hair business?

Passion that's the main reason I chose hair more so hair is the crown of a woman's beauty  and the beauty industry  would always stay relevant.

Has being a male not worked against him?

Nooòo he says.

Being a male gives me an edge as I can always explore both the business aspect and the beauty aspect of the beauty business and sex has never been a barrier if you can think it, you can do it

He is also into Gele business .

As regards the gele, I do all kinds of gele both the conventional and unconventional kind of Gele styles

Which is the most current gele?

At the moment unconventional gele styles are taking the stage although  the round gele and the V- Gele would always be relevant and preferred by brides nevertheless, unconventional styles like half fan and twist, half round half fan amongst other styles are being considered by brides who wouldn't mind going the extra mile on their day. Also the bridal fan gele at the moment at the moment is most likely to be the next big thing in the gele industry.

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