Thursday, July 11, 2019

Celebrating Ekiti Speaker, Hon Funminiyi Afuye

Ekiti Speaker, Hon Funminiyi Afuye is a man of sartorial elegance. Anytime you see him, he always looks distinguished in his dressing. That he is a stylish man can be seen in his dressing. Although he wears a lot of suits he likes to wear agbada also. His traditional outfits sits well on him. He likes the Classic look. Though he is trendy he is also conservative in his dressing.

He likes his Awo cap. He also likes good fabrics for his Agbada. He likes dark colours for his Agbada. And the embroidery on the neck area is usually the conventional Yoruba agbada designs. He is not a loud or showy person.

He is easy going,painstaking and thorough.

He is an experienced politician who has paid his dues in Ekiti politics.

Right now, he is being celebrated. It's his birthday and all his well wishers are celebrating this distinguished Nigeria n.

He is a well-known Ekiti politician from lkere-Ekiti.He is representing lkere Constituency 1.

His new job as Speaker of Ekiti state is a tough one. He now has to return stability to the House. Everybody believes he can do it. He has the experience, knowledge and exposure to deliver on his promise to Ekiti people. We join ekiti people in celebrating this astute politician.

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