Thursday, July 11, 2019

Gorgeous Styles From Nosa Tongo Asikhia

Have you ever seen Mrs Nosa Tongo Asikhia at parties before? If you have you must have noticed that she is always on point from her gele to her accessories, outfit and make-up. What about her shoe and bag? It speaks volumes about the top designer labels she carries.

Call her one of the best dressed women in Nigeria and you won't be wrong. She is. She is fashionable. She is stylish too. She is always well dressed whenever she steps into a party all heads usually turn in her direction .

She loves looking Gorgeous. She loves looking Glamorous in her outfits.
She has a likeable personality. When she enters a party she takes over. She likes to dance. And she dances well.

There is never a dull moment with this pretty celebrity woman who loves her husband so much
She has her set of friends she parties with. They are all pretty. They are also all stylish.

How does she manage to always look this gorgeous we asked her.

I have always been like this, she says. Fashion is what I love from my childhood. My love for fashion goes beyond the ordinary. I like looking good all the time.

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