Friday, July 26, 2019

Hon Shina Peller Settles Down To Work ln ABUJA

Popular Lagos Big Boy, Hon Shina Peller has begun work in Abuja. He now has a new address. He is a federal law maker representing lseyin/ltesiwaju/Kajola/lwajowa Federal Constituency in Oyo State.

Popularly called Shina Ayo, many of his friends are amazed at his quick transformation from being a night club impresario to a serious minded high-profile politician.

Since he won his election his life has changed as he has been crisscrossing the country politicking. But in all of these one thing has not changed. His Fashion Style.

Hon Shina Peller has always been very stylish in his dressing .He knows what to wear that sits well on him.He knows what not to wear.
For years he has kept his pencil-slim frame and he loves slim fitted outfits that gives him the model look.

In this report Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine unveils the fashion style of one of the best dressed guys in Nigeria today.

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