Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How Dr SANDRA Treats Skin Problems With Pure Herbal Products

Have you ever wondered why Dr. Sandra has become very popular in the Beauty World? We can tell you why. It's because she is good at what she does for a living. She uses pure herbal products to treat skin problems.
Though everybody calls her Dr Sandra her real name is Dr Mrs Sandra lfy Ekwunife. She is a seasoned Naturopath. She is the MD/CEO of Perfect Herbals. She offers all types of skin care treatments at Perfect Herbals.

She has paid her dues. She trained at Indonesian College of Natural Medicine, Jakarta. She also studied at Clayton College of Natural Health.

She has a wide range of skincare products that work wonders. She has Skincare Miracle. There are premium amazing toner skin lightening and rejuvenating set.

She has facial treatment products for burns & dark patches. She treats acne & stubborn pimples. She also has a premium super toner and skin strong set.

She helps women shed weight. She helps men deflate their pot belly with Bollyx Herbal capsule.

Her message to ladies is a simple one---Stop using those Cancer-causing chemicals & take care of your skin with Perfect Herbals natural products.

Say no chemical creams. Say no to Hydroquinone. Say no to bleaching creams. Go natural. Perfect Herbals is at 86 Adeniyi Jones Street in the Ikeja area of Lagos.

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