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How I Have Maintained My Killer Shape - Popular Actress, BIODUN OKEOWO

Biodun Okeowo is one of the popular Yoruba screen goddess. She is also known as Omobutty, a nickname, which was derived from a movie. Omobutty is the title of a movie that shot her to limelight.

This pretty and flawless queen is one of the hot-cakes in the industry. Despite being a mother of 2 children, she is still blessed  with a beautiful body figure. Her hourglass shape is one of the reasons many producers want to have her in their movies.

She is an actress and a movie producer. She produced her first movie in 2007, which is entitled: Tolani Osinrin. We should also add that she has been in the movie industry for over 13 years, she has produced lots of movies and has featured in over 100 movies and still counting.

She is one of the most attractive Nollywood actresses because she has been able to maintain her beautiful shape. Omobutty also has her skincare brand called Victoria’s beauty and she will be opening a new beauty store very soon. Over the last 13 years, she has been able to carve-a-niche for herself in the industry and has earned the love of so many fans owing to knowing how to interprete her role perfectly.

In her chat with City People’s TOYIN OGUNDIYA and BIODUN ALAO, she spoke about how she has been able to maintain her killer shape, she spoke about her love life and why she went into skincare products production.

How have you been able to maintain your hourglass shape?

Sometimes, I do go out of shape, but once I notice that, I try to watch what I eat, I will use my waist-trainer regularly and I will stop eating late at night.

You also have a very lovely skin, how do you maintain it?

I own a beauty store.

But you hardly talk about it...

I will be talking about it very soon because we just built a place for my brand.

Where is it located?


What is the name of your brand?

Victoria’s Beauty.

Is that why you have been frequently travelling about?

Well, my son schools abroad. So, most time, when I travelled abroad, I used to go and check on him. Then atimes, I travel to Dubai because of my business.

Why did you choose to go into skincare products?

A lot of people were curious about the type of cream I use. I got lot of compliments from people because of my skin. They were always saying we love your skin and all that. Initially, I was using labeled cream, but some of my clients told me to go into skincare since I already have a good skin. 

So, I went for the training at Ikeja and after the training, I started producing my own cream.

You are a movie star, going to Ikeja to learn about cream production, how did it make you feel? Did you feel awkwared?

No, I didn’t feel awkward, who am I, I am like every other trainee there and I love my boss so much. She was so proud of me.

You are one of the prettiest Nollywood actresses that men can’t ignore. Do you see yourself taking a shot at marriage again?


Are you seeing someone?


How long have you been together?

4 years.

What was the first thing he said to you?

(Laughs). It started from Biodun you are beautiful and I love your shape.

Did he fell in love with you on the screen?


What do you like about him?

He is very sincere.

You are so fond of your kids, as a mother, how have you been able to balance being a mother and your kind of job?

In everything I do, my kids comes first, they are my first priority and before my son travelled, we were doing my business together, they help me a lot.

Who is your bestfriend in the industry?

I don’t have a best friend in the industry but I am friendly with everybody.

You used to be close to a popular actress, Iyabo Ojo?

She is my senior colleagues. She has been in the industry before I joined, I used to watch her movies before I also became an actress.

Where were you born?

Lagos Island.

Who are your parents?

Unfortunately, I just lost my mum, her name Mrs. Simiat Sofoye and my Dad is Pastor Godwin Sofoye.

Are you working on any project now?

Yes, I am planning to open my new beauty store.

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