Friday, July 19, 2019

How l Turned My Addiction lnto Business - BALQIS ASHABI ILUFEMILOYE

She is a Civil Engineer turned journalist and serial entrepreneur. Recently she told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine how her love for Fashion and good scents prompted her decision to start her perfume and clothing business. 

"Though l am a Civil Engineer, I am into Perfume & Clothing business," she explained. 

"They are just side attractions that I have passion for. "

She started her perfume business 6 years ago.

She loves answering the name Ashabi. Her brand is Ashabi Quintessential.
She is a beautiful and stylish lady who represents her brand well in her look. She's got a great figure that makes her outfits to sit well on her. 

She dresses well and still makes Style Statements despite the fact that she is always covered up. As a good Moslem woman she does not wear revealing clothes yet she is very stylish in her dressing.

She also loves to smell nice.

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