Saturday, July 20, 2019

How Lagos Beautician Omoshalewa Amodu Beautifies Other Ladies

This lady is good at what she does for a living. She makes other ladies look beautiful. She herself is beautiful and stylish in her dressing .

She is always on point in whatever she wears.

No wonder very many Lagos big babes always go to her for their Make Up and beauty needs.

She recently told Citypeople online Fashion and beauty Magazine the secret of her success.

Triple A is all about fashion and make up and I get into the business through my own idea Thoui do see slot of makeup training online so decided to go for the training for 1year before I could be able to set up my own place, the service we render includes make up, tying of gele, fixing of nails and manicure and pedicure
I do tie gele for clients,  I can't type like 5 to 6 types of gele

What the various geles she ties for clients?

There is none we can't do.

And the various gele in vogue are round gele, fan gele, ascon gele and v shape

How did she coin the name Triple A makeover,her brand name?

The Triple A was named after my name Amodu Aisha Abioye

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