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Jadesola Abiodun is the pretty lady behind the popular Cream Brand, Jadesh that’s doing so well on Instagram, despite being just a year old.
Many rich celebrities embrace the product because of its positive impact on users skin and the pretty look of the CEO.  Not only is her skin flawless, she also has a killer shape, that naturally attracts people to her.
Jadesola combines beauty with brain. She was a guest at City People Female Entrepreneur pre-award roundtable session during which she spoke extensively on her Jadesh brand. She also analysed how babes can avoid & treat stretch marks, plus how to differentiate chemical cream from organic.
How did you coin the name Jadesh?
Jadesh is a combination of my name Jadesola Odumosu which I shortened to Jadesh.
What stands Jadesh Brand out from every other brands?
Jadesh is pure organic. Another thing is that we are a trust worthy brand. We noticed that everyone wants to be fair and at the same time, some people don’t want to hear the truth. Most women also want to go fair. Everybody can’t be fair.
Being truthful to our clients has also stood us out. For some people which have caramel skin, we tell them to maintain their caramel skin. For some who have natural skin, we tell them maintain your natural skin. If you want to move from caramel to being fair, it is not always easy because they are natural caramel. But of course they can go 2 shades lighter. So at Jadesh, we tell them the truth.
What causes dark knuckles?
There are different reasons why celebrities have Dark knuckles. Most beauticians say they are selling organic product yet it is not Organic. I am not trying to bring other brands down. Even some beauticians selling dark knuckles eraser cream have dark knuckles themselves. This is because their product is not Organic.
I have seen some beauticians buy Jadesh so as to know what we are using to produce it. After making many researches, they ended up asking me what I use and I laugh. Hydroqune or any harsh chemicals will make you white but it will give you dark knuckles. That is why you see people who don’t have dark knuckles having it after a while. It is  the use of chemical cream that causes it.
What about stretch mark?
Let me tell you that all stretch marks are not caused by cream. You will see people who are not even toning or bleaching having stretch marks. Some people have stretch marks after child birth. So, if you are not using the right cream after childbirth you may have stretch marks.
That is why you see tiny stretch marks getting wider even with the cream. That is the reason why when it comes to treating stretch marks, we use natural ingredients  like Coconut Oil and others. Stretch marks take a while to fade and Nigerians are not patient.
They want to go fair in 3 days. I tell them it can work. That is why they give people chemical cream that works in 3 days. Of course it works in 3 days and after, your skin gets worse. Let me  tell you that a skin is easier to spoil but difficult to repair.
How do you identify organic product from Hydroquinone?
You will know Organic product by smelling. It is nose friendly. Those that have chemicals are always very harsh. Smell any cream before applying on your skin. Number 2, when you leave cream for months and go back to it later , you will be scared to apply it if its chemical.
For organic product, there is no way you won’t find the content of the product in it when applying.  This is because it contains fruit. All Jadesh products have particles of what we used. They contain fruits among others. Even our cleanser is made from natural fruits. It is very warm. We use Avocado, Mango, among others for our baby cream.
Did you train under anybody to gain this knowledge?
Yes, I did training. And I also have passion for it even before I went to learn from one of Lagos Big brands . I did this after I left University of Lagos. My business is passion driven. I love what I am doing. I travelled abroad after learning from Nigeria. I went to United States to acquire more knowledge and I am still learning till date.
How do you prepare your product?
I mix it myself to avoid mistakes. The steps have to be followed.
Is Jadesh very fair or you worked on your skin?
Jadesh is fair. You need to see my baby picture. I still dye my hair. The last time I creamed my body was 2 months ago. You sometimes need to let your skin breath. That is what some people don’t know. Your skin must breath, your face must be Make-Up free once a while. You must glow without Make-Up.
What should a lady do to make her skin glow?
Ladies don’t like hearing the truth but at Jadesh, we speak the truth. First, if you are a Lady and your skin colour is not even,  first make sure your skin colour even. Even if you want to change your skin colour, make sure your skin colour, is even. Don’t bleach if your skin has issue. Repair your skin. Don’t bleach an uneven skin.
When you have your original skin tone,  then change to 2 times lighter.  Don’t Bleach away your original colour. Glow your original skin instead of bleaching. Exfolliate your skin often. Use Shear butter, its a good moisturiser butter doesn’t make you dark. It makes your skin glow.
How do they treat stretch marks?
Good! If you have stretch marks already, discontinue the cream that gives you stretch marks. If you have tiny stretch marks and it becomes thicker after using a particular cream discontinue using it. Don’t use non-organic product to treat stretch marks. Use Coconut Oil added with the Jadesh Big secret, it will fade away.
How affordable is Jadesh products?
They are  very affordable compared to the value it gives you
Tell us about yourself?
My name is Jadesola Abiodun. I went to Grace Primary School. I later proceeded to the University of Lagos. I am the first child from the family of 5. I studied History.
How do you cope with stiff competition in that sector?
I cope so well. Our products speak for us. I am not running faster than my shadow. I know I am going to get there.
How old is Jadesh?
Jadesh is less than 2 years. My first Instagram account is Jadesh.
What is Jadesh’s  status?
I am not married but I am in a relationship.
How affordable is Jadesh?
Very affordable. Our prices are reasonable and when people come and they see our prices, they feel they are quite affordable. o

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