Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How to strike a pose like a pro

- Look for the appropriate background: the background is essential when taking pictures. Consider the elements in the background to add a balance to your image 

- Use of props: it makes your picture scene look interesting and captivating , it adds dimension to the picture effect.

- Try different angles : explore your environment and position yourself by taking the pictures from above , below or tilt your camera slightly. For an intimate look, you can try shooting from an high angle .

- Highlight fashion: always priorities on making emphasis on your outfit when taking pictures. When taking pictures of yourself in full coverage do not obstruct the details of your outfit.

Embrace negative space: take pictures in odd places that will attract attention from your viewers, it can either be a garage with few people in the background and the camera concentrates on the main subject.

- Symmetry effect: are incredibly attractive to the eyes. It’s an image creatively divided into two equal parts .

- Natural light: the sun effect helps with the final outcome of our pictures, it makes it look natural and unique without it been unrealistic .

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