Monday, July 15, 2019

I Am Passionate About Making Ladies Look Beautiful -Princess ADEYINKA ADEKOGBE

 Princess Adeyinka Adekogbe is a big name in the Beauty business in London. She is the beautiful lady behind the wave making beauty brand called Total Celebrity Makeover (UK)
She is a big makeup artist who is into Hair Cosmetics. She is based in London. So good is she at what she does that she is to be honoured this September.
She is from an Ijebu royal lineage. Her dad is an ljebu king. He is HRH Oba Adedoyin Salisu, the Lamodi of Ijebu lsiwo.

City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine spoke to her recently about her success story in the Beauty business. And she revealed a lot.
I am a professional makeup artist, bespoke Wigs Sylist & Gele Artist

Contact: 07916339923

I am passionate about making people look beautiful and feel wonderful. So whomever I work with, I devote my time, passion and artistic creativity to each client as much as I can. I am known for clean and precision Makeup, so I endeavour to meet and surpass my clients’ expectations and till date God has been Faithful.

Coming from an IT background, over the years my wealth of knowledge and years of experience have been built up from work at photo shoots, television & film, and innumerable weddings & fashion expeditions.

I started my Hair brand in 2010 called Blackhairdo Collection and my exclusive Studio for my niche Clientele

I started my cosmetics line in 2013 called Yinxcosmetics

Invented TCM Pleated & Ascot Gelehat in 2014

Won best Nigerian makeup Artist in 2013

 Best Gele Artist in 2015

I am a Technical Architect by Professional with a solid programming background which I gave up in 2009 to pursue my passion. I never envisaged I would be in this profession today but I am happy I followed my heart and not money involved in my IT profession. I just love to do my own hair perfectly and people always come up to me and ask who my stylist was and I would be like I did it, long story short, I decided to create my hair Brand and converted my garage into a studio.

From my background, I understood marketing is paramount and I went for a professional photography course and invested in good professional camera to take good pictures but what is good hair without the client's face not looking good enough, so I offered free makeup to get good pictures and that’s how I became a professional makeup artist

What makes her stand out we asked her. I love to create new things outside the box, that’s why I continually invent a new style of Hair, Gelehat and makeup.

I run a DIY makeup class for ladies that want to learn how to perfect their makeup themselves instead of going to a makeup artist all the time. Also for beginners & Professional Makeup Artist that want to up their game in the Industry.

My brand name Total Celebrity Makeover is associated with prestige, immense creativity and precision.

I do a lot of charity work in my church by doing free makeovers for the choir and pastor for a professional photo shoot, conferences and video shoots.
How I stand out

My creativity & precision and always innovating new ideas and that has made me relevant over the year. I am never complacent. I continually educate myself and give my best

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