Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I Help Ladies Achieve A Flawless & Radiant Skin---BodyeBeautiful Boss,Queen Loveth Ajufoh

Are you struggling with stubborn stretch marks, green vein, blemishes, dry skin, skin reaction & many other skin problems?

If yes, Queen Loveth Ajufoh is the skin therapist to see. She runs a beauty place in Lagos called BodyeBeautiful.

She helps ladies achieve a flawless beautiful skin that glows. Her own skin glows naturally.

She sells a miracle cream that gives you a radiant skin." When you take good care of your skin you will glow effortlessly," she tells those who care to listen

"At BodyeBeautiful we help you achieve a beautiful skin with our all natural plant and fruit based products,"she adds.
We Help you enhance your skin.".

BodyeBeautiful by Queen Loveth is an organic range of skincare products made especially  for all skin types.

BodyeBeautiful gives you a radiant skin void of spots, dark knuckles, green veins, discoloration or any form of blemishes.

She has Thai and Fillipino beauty secrets. She has a Thai Face set (super amazing)for those who want to be 2 to 3 shades lighter. She also has Fillipino Face set.

What stands her brand out from the rest?

Beautiful Results sets us apart .... we have an 80% rate now on returning clients for a reason ..... Yes we have a SPA located as we like to say in the center of Lagos (dolphin Estate ikoyi) making it accessible for both those on the island and mainland.

I have always been a beauty Person from my days as a pageant girl to winning several titles and representing Nigeria at international platforms.

After which I was made a National director for @missgrandnigeria_ with headquarters in Bangkok Thailand ..... with my constant trips there and my personal struggles with my skin I took some time off to find those beauty secrets to solve every woman’s skin issues like I did with mine which is the Thai and Filipino beauty secrets and today we have a lot of men on board with us too.

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