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I Never Ever Planned To Be An Actress - Star Actress, MIDE FUNMI-MARTINS

This is a good time, for sexy actress, Mide Funmi Martins. She has become one of the new ambassadors of Startimes, a leading the movie pioneer and key player in the Pay-Tv business, with over 7million subscribers.

According to her, the appointment came as a surprise, an unprecedented gift from God. Many people rejoiced with her, considering her number of years, involvement in the industry and many successes she has recorded in the entertainment industry.

Mide Funmi-Martins is one of the A-list members of the Yoruba movie industry. She is an actress and a Producer. She is the a daughter of late veteran actress, Funmi Martins, who died in 2002. She is popularly known for the movies Erùelérù (2003) and Arewà (2003), and Omookuòrun (2004).

Shortly after the death of her mother, Mide made her entry into the entertainment industry. Initially, she had no skill for acting, but she quickly learnt the craft to retain her mother’s memory. Within a few years in the entertainment industry as an actress, she fell in love with the art.

"I never planned to be an actress in my life. I did not even like the career before; I wouldn’t even be in the industry because I came into the industry mainly because of my mum’s fame. When she died, I just thought about it that I had to take it up from where she stopped, so that she’d be remembered forever.

Imagine if I hadn’t taken it up, many would probably have for gotten who she was today. That’s why I took it up and, to God be the glory I made the right decision. I never thought it would be this fun, but I love it, when I’m on location, it takes away all my sorrows, I love my job so much”.

Mide is married to Afeez Owo Abiodun, a movie producer and actor, a marriage that produced 2 lovely daughters; Anuoluwapo and Iyin.  Recently, she spoke to City People’s Assistant Editor, SUNDAY ADIGUN and Online Video Editor, NURUDEEN SALISU. She spoke about her humble beginnings, career, marriage and how the Startime ambassadorial appointment came about.

Excerpts. ..

Mide Funmi Martins as a brand has become a big success, having close to 2millions followers on Instagram. How has it been over the years?

Well, it’s been God. It’s not by my own doing, but by the special grace of God. Seriously, I don’t even know how it all happened, but God has been on my side. He’s been so faithful to me.

What have you put into your craft that has made you relevant till now?

My strength, my energy, my efforts, sleepless night, sacrifices. This job is something I never thought I could do until my mum died and I felt I should take it up so that the name, Martins, will continue to be on fan’s lips. Ever since then, God has been awesome.

He has been my pillar, likewise my husband. This little girl you are seeing here has been through a lot, and has worked extra hard to be where she is today. To the glory of God, I have been able to achieve my goals.

How were you able to blend since it’s not something you planned for? 

I later fell in love with it, and it has now become my passion. I love my job so much. I can’t do without it. Even sometimes, when I decide to take a break, probably to rest or something, I still find it very uncomfortable.

I will not be myself. I always want to be on set, always want to be acting. I want to be among my people. I want to go to location. I want to drive up and down like I’m used to everyday. The job has become part of me, I can’t do without it. Maybe when I grow older I can decide to rest (laugh).

You’ve been able to maintain your mother’s legacy. What do you miss about your late mother?

I missed like 50billion things. My mom was the only friend I had. I grew up under her care, even when she had already separated from my dad. She nurtured me. She knew when I had my first boyfriend.

What led to the separation of your parents?

I can’t really say. i think It was a family issue if I can still remember vividly. Battles from the husband family, left, right and center. I actually believe that was how God wanted it and it has been destined. Keeping a marriage going is not by anybody’s power. 

Growing up with her; how was it?

I miss her love. I miss the intimacy. She was the only confidant that I had, and I have not been able to replace her. My mum was my very good friend. Seriously, I don’t like talking about her because I don’t want to remember the moment we shared together, but I’m sure she is happy wherever she is, that is if it is possible for the dead to see us (laughs). I think I’m making her proud.

What is the factor that has worked for you in keeping your home?

First, prayer, I believe so much in it, and I believe in my God. I always put God first before I embark on any journey. I believe I’m young and I don’t have much people around me. I don’t have too many friends, and I don’t keep relatives too much, I just believe in my family. I believe the only person who can guide me aright is my God, and I know how to talk to Him in my own way and I’ve been seeing positive results.

I’m also a focused person. You see this marriage of a thing is not an easy task. I’ve been married for 16years now. Marriage is not an easy thing. It’s a crazy world, and you need a lot of time, focus, prayer and devotion to make it flow. There are lots of challenges in marriage. I have been through the worst in my marriage.

And at that point, I thought it was the end of it, I thought it was over, but to God be the glory, I was able to pick up again. Let me just say, God has been the only factor, because He’s the only one who can actually put one through. We are only trying our efforts, even the work that we do, it’s when God says yes, that’s when you will be successful.

You are loved by many, how have you been able to manage your fans?

Actually, the love is something I don’t even know how to appreciate. It feels so good when you get to a place and you see admiration in the eyes of many people; people who want to play with you, people who want to hug you and take photographs with you. You can see that the love is there. So I always feel so happy, I feel privileged. Honestly, I am privilege to be one of the few people God loves. So, I’m honored. All that I am today, I owe it to God, to my husband and to my fans.

A few days ago, you became an ambassador to Startimes, how did the appointment come?

The appointment is not something I ever imagined, I never thought of it. I’ve been to Startimes severally, but never thought I would become one of them. Seriously, it’s a miracle for me. I’m not sure I’ve had something as huge as that in my life. It was my First and I thank God for it.

I can say the gift is from God, it’s not from anybody, because there are so many options on ground, and I was chosen. 

Many people feel and see it as a well-deserved honour, looking at the efforts you’ve invested in the entertainment industry, what do you think?

What about you, what do you think? Do you think I deserve it? (Laughs), Seriously, I’ve been receiving calls from friends, family and well-wishers, congratulating me. So, I can tell myself, they are the ones to tell if I deserve it or not. You know this thing is like an award, people give awards to those who deserve them.

So, as for me, I’m a simple person. I just go about my life and do my normal thing. It’s only God who plans our lives. He has also planned this too and delivered it to me.

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