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I Wear Waist Trainer To Maintain My Shape – Popular Actress, BUKOLA ADEEYO

Pretty actress, Bukola Adeeyo is not just an actress but a filmmaker who has been able to carve a niche for herself in the industry. She has produced blockbusters and also featured in lots of outstanding movies, thereby making her a household name. She started acting professionally in 2011, after going through training in Odunlade Adekola School. The movie titled “Sunday Dagboru”, which was produced by one of the most sought after actor, producer and director, Odunlade Adekola shot her to limelight and since then, she has remained at the top of her game.

This pretty actress has gained the love of many fans home and abroad because of her exceptional way of interpreting roles. She is one of the actresses that has been able to maintain their beautiful body figure after becoming a mother.

Let us also add that she is blessed with a flawless skin despite have 2 lovely kids.
In her chat with City People’s TOYIN OGUNDIYA and BIODUN ALAO, she spoke about her life has an actress and she also mentioned reasons why she is close to Odunlade Adekola. Enjoy excerpts.

You are a mother of 2 beautiful children but you don’t look it. What is the secret of your beauty?
I am always on Waist Trainer and it has helped me maintain my shape.

You look finer than when you haven’t given birth, how have you been able to cope with motherhood?

Well, it is something I enjoy doing. The love I have for my kids is second to none. Although it hasn’t been easy judging from my kind of job but my kids come first in anything I do.

Most people don’t know what Bukky does aside acting, can you tell us what you do aside being an actress?
I am into beauty products. I sell different make-up product.

When did you start the business?
The business is quite young.

What is the name of the brand?
JJ Signatures.
A lot of actress now go into skincare products, what did you choose make-up?
Let me say my love for make-up made me go into that line of business. I really love to wear make-up but it has to be good products.

How long have you been acting?
I started acting in 2008.

You have a very good skin, it is very rare to see a fair lady who has given birth and doesn’t have stretch marks. How did you do it?
All thanks to extreme product. I rep extreme skincare product by Abimbola Ogunnowo. Her products are very good, it doesn’t give stretch mark and it helps remove all kind of skin disorder.
Her product is very good and perfect on my skin.

How long have you known Abimbola Ogunnowo?
It’s been long. We have known each other other for over 8 years.

Did you learn under anybody?
Yes, Odunlade Adekola is my boss.

When you heard people saying Odunlade Adekola is the father of her first child, what comes to your mind?
I am not always bothered about it because I know it is not true.
I am a movie star, things like that are inevitable. It is very normal for people to carry rumours around especially in the entertainment world. Those are the challenges you will face, you can’t escape them. You hear people lot say negative things about you, but you just have to ignore them.

What was your Odunlade’s reaction about it?
The first time they wrote something about us, I was in UK. I just noticed my friends were hiding their phones, they didn’t want me to see it because they know I would definitely feel bad when I see it. It is normal to feel bad when you hear negative things about you because we are humans.
I felt bad when I saw it. Even my boss Odunlade was like, they have started again ooo. He said Bukky see what they wrote oh. He is my boss and he will always be. We are close because he taught me acting.
A lot of people are curious to know your man...
I just decided to go private about it. It’s personal.

Is he in the industry?
No, he is not in the industry, I just decided not to say anything about him on social media or post his pictures.

What was your parent reaction when they heard?
They also felt bad. As an elderly person they adviced me to tell the world who the father of my kids is to clear the air but I made them understand why I don’t want to put my private life on social media.
Do you think issues like this is why most celebrity marriage don’t last?
Well, I can’t say anything about that.

How do you rest?
I don’t rest ooo.
How many movies have you featured in since you started acting?
I have lost count?

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