Wednesday, July 3, 2019

In The Gym Etiquette (Part 2)

By Janet Adetu
JSK Etiquette Consortium /

4. Mats, Steps & Weights Use and Replace

My favourite gym time is when I am in an aerobics class that involves everything from dance aerobics to body basics, step aerobics and abdominal exercises. In the course of the class there is always a need to bring out the steps and mats for the final cooling down exercises. It really beats me when the class is over and some women simply leave there steps and mats for who to clear I continue to wonder.

The etiquette of using the gym is to have respect, kindness and consideration for all those around you. Apart from these items being a hazard left on the floor it is inappropriate not to place them back to where they were obtained from. Not many people are into the use of weights but for those who enjoy using them as part of their exercise routine returning them back is essential.

5. Cell Phone Phobia

It is interesting when you see a lot of people attached to their phones almost expecting it ring every minute. I know for those of us with small children it may be difficult sometimes as you have to constantly be on the alert. 

The truth is if you miss a call or a text or even a message surely life still goes on, it is simply not a do or die affair if you do not or cannot respond immediately. When you decide to engage in healthy exercise for the day consider this what I call me time.  Entertain no interruptions until you are completely done, trust me others will eventually know when the best time to call you would be.

The other day I was in the gym, a young lady on the next cross trainer received a loud phone call, she allowed her phone to ring for longer than necessary considering where she was, this in itself was a huge disturbance. Before we knew it her hello was so loud we all automatically turned in her direction. 

Not minding any of us or the privacy of her conversation she maintained her loud tone of voice throughout till she completed the call. Now that was quite unruly with so much disregard for fellow gym users.

To avoid damaging your image I suggest that for security purposes keep your phone intact and out of sight, it is not unusual for phones to go missing in gyms.

6. Dress to impress.

Some people find the gym an excuse to go bare, but how bare should you go?
Because it is a gym you really do not want to be wearing clothes that are too thick or baggy. In choosing gym wear look out for the right fit. Some peoplewear gym wear a size too small and end up revealing way too much. 

Your gym wear should be stylish, try to colour co-ordinate from top to bottom to portray a good image. It should be comfortable and clean.Don’t wear gym clothes more than once, especially if you have previously sweated in it, this is not hygienic and is a clear image killer.

Somehow I still see women wearing blouses, casual trousers and flats to the gym, some wear bedroom scarves or nets, some even come braless. It shows they have just jumped out of bed without a second thought, worn the nearest thing and headed straight out for the gym. Some women even after taking a shower spend more time and detail wearing makeup and lots of perfume to the gym.

What is your mission for going to the gym?

 Follow the gym dress etiquette guidelines below when going to the gym:
1.        Wear mainly lycra wear to the gym (elasticated easyfit)
2.        Trainers are best footwear for comfort
3.        Wear a sports bra for better support during exercising
4.        Medium to long gym trousers are better when using equipment that involve sitting.
5.        Beware of  wearing shorts in the gym or hot pants
6.        Avoid wearing your glasses to the gym you don’t need them.
7.        Socks is a must inside your trainers for better grip and to avoid the aftermath of too much feet sweating.
8.        If you are having a bad hair day wear a sports cap.
9.        Minimal jewellery is expected at the gym.
10.      Always tie your hair back from your face to maintain concentration.
11.      Carry a sports bag and not a designer bag to the gym. Leave all valuables behind.
12.      Invest in different gym wear of various colours
Watch out for the final part of this series.

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