Monday, July 8, 2019

Insurance Big Babe, Ronke Oluwafemi Celebrates

Ronke Oluwafemi is in a happy mood right now. It's her birthday.She celebrated it a few days ago.

This pretty lady is an Insurance executive in Lagos. She is a twin. She is Taiwo. She is well educated. She has an MBA .And she has been in the insurance industry for a while.

She's stylish in her dressing. She is also blessed with good looks and a lovely  figure that makes her outfits to sit well on her.

Ronke is from Akure in Ondo State. She was born and raised in Akure.
She schooled in both Ondo State and Lagos.She is the only female child from her mum's 6 children.

She is deeply religious. She attends CLAM at Omole.

What informs her fashion style we asked her."I dress to suit my mood.l wear what fits me,what makes me look good.l am not a fashion freak but l like dressing very simple.But I like to look good.

Sometimes l follow the fashion style in vogue so that I can be on point."

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