Monday, July 22, 2019

K1 Steps Up His Fashion Style

Many don't know that King of Fuji music King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal is one of the best dressed men in Nigeria.

He is a man of sartorial elegance. He wears good quality outfits made from exquisite fabrics. His accessories are top quality, the very best.

He is choosy. He doesn't just wear anything. He picks what he wants. And he goes for it. He is cosmopolitan in his dressing. He is classy and spends big.

Check out his wristwatches, shoes, neck chain and other accessories they are expensive. He likes to look nice. He likes to smell nice. He loves to look good. He loves nice perfumes.

Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine unveils his fashion style in these lovely photos of the Oluaye of Fuji.......

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