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•Why Her Gele Is In High Demand

Have you noticed the trendy soft net “Aso-Oke” rocked by many rich men’s wives and kids at weddings and wondered who made it?
Have you noticed the uniqueness in Dr. Mrs. Folasade Okoya, Mrs. Modupe Oguntade, Mrs. Kofoworola Adebutu’s headgears and wondered about the creativity of the weaver and her ability to infuse the traditional “Damask Aso-Oke” with net and local “Tapapa”?

Don’t search any further as to who the creative brain behind the luxury Aso-Oke is. It is Mrs. Adejoke Okeowo, the ebony complexioned wife of Lagos real estate player, Sir Olu Okeowo. He is a Construction giant and CeO of Gilbraltar Construction. His wife does her Aso-Oke Gele business from their N4 billion mansion in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Her Adejoke Gele is an indigenous Gele and fabric, created out of love and passion for women of class. Fondly called Adejoke Gele while many others also call her Adejoke Aso Oke, she first started by creating Aso-Oke for herself and then extended to it other close friends who loved how simple and unique she looked at her events. The orders for the Gele has since grown as brides, bride’s mothers and friends (aso-ebi) all go for Adejoke Gele. Adejoke Gele comes in different styles, patterns, colours and textures.

Adejoke Gele is situated right inside “Palacio de Okeowo” mansion which is on 5-acres of land, with a N4 billion mansion built on it. It took 11 months to build the magnificent mansion that many Naija super rich celebrities always troop in to see   and buy Adejoke Gele. Though the luxury mansion is just 3 years old but Adejoke Gele is a brand of over 6 years and it has been able to register her brand into the heart of many super rich Nigerian billionaires and those who want to stand out at Naija Owambe parties.

Few days ago, she was sighted at the Oluwanisola Estate of Chief Rasaq Okoya where she stepped out in style. She was in white. Over 80 percent of rich millionaire wives who were at the remembrance of Aare of Lagos Father Alhaji Tiamiyu and Alhaja Idiat Abeke mansion rocked the Adejoke Gele.

We couldn’t help but ask why she went into Aso-oke. What stands her brand out?  Why did she name it Adejoke GeleCitypeople Assistant Society Editor, ABIOLA ORISILE, spoke exclusively with her on her brand and how she had supplied major parties in Nigeria her Headgear.

What makes Adejoke Gele different from all other Naija aso-oke?

It is the flexibility of tying Adejoke Gele. Aso-oke is known to be hard. Some people complain about that alot. You will hear words like it’s hard and it’s giving me headache. For Adejoke Gele, you don’t need to learn the art of gele tying to know about it. All you need to do is just to know how to turn your hands. The flexibility makes it easy to tie.  Even an amateur will turn it around and it stays. The design and fabrics is unique. If you don’t want to be part of the crowd, you just wear Adejoke Gele.  I am the only one who produce this kind of gele in Nigeria and this has made our product very unique.

How old is Adejoke Gele?

It’s been in existence for over 6 years and still counting.

Being the wife of a billionaire, one would have expected you to do another kind of business, why gele business?

Well, Gele is an accessory that any woman will want to use. You are not complete wearing an African attire without Gele.  When people ask me why Gele, I laugh. This is because it has to do with my calling. It’s a calling from God. God speaks to people in different ways. He revealed to me  to start doing gele at the time I really didn’t know what it was or how to go about it.  But, at some point, everything just fell into place.

How did God tell you?

Well, God speaks to me in different ways and at this particular time, I was sleeping and He said to me all the go and start gele business. Don’t forget that Adejoke is my name and Gele is also like a crown and everything just came into place. You have to take care of your crown and that is “Adejoke Gele”.

When you told your husband that you want to go into gele business, what did he say?

He was happy to support me and he gave me all the necessary assistance I needed.

How would you rate the acceptance in 6 years?

The acceptance has been huge and I am happy. When i get into a gathering and iI see people tying my gele, I feel so happy and excited.

Do you do only Gele?

No, we do Aso-ebi as Gele. We also have an exclusive bridal line.

How expensive is Adejojoke Gele?

It’s affordable for women of class. It is not as expensive as people think it is. At least you are sure of having a unique look when you rock Adejoke Gele. And that is how you know Adejoke, it is a standard Gele  and it has a unique design. You can’t see Adejoke Gele at any Aso-Oke Store. We are very sure of that. It is an exclusive Aso-oke which can’t be found at any aso-oke store in Nigeria except you buy it from Adejoke itself.  There is no way you would see and not know it’s Adejoke. That alone speaks volume and many of our clients always come for more knowing that it is an exclusive design.

Where do you see Adejoke in the next few years?

I see it going places.

How many people have rocked Adejoke Gele in the last 1 years?

Waoh, I can’t remember. This is because we make aso-ebi and we sometimes do Adejoke Aso-oke aso-ebi in 500,600 guests and 1,000 guests sometimes and you know how many that could be in a year. May be about 10 thousand or more.

What is the secret of your beauty?

The secret of my beauty is peace of mind and God’s favour. I will also say being married to my best friend,

What do you call your husband?

I call him My husband, “Oko mi”.

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