Thursday, July 4, 2019

Let Bimbo Ajibade Do Your Personal Shopping

That is what is in vogue right now. These days you don't need to stress your self doing your shopping yourself for clothes.

There are specialists who do that so well.One of them is Bimbo Ajibade, a personal shopper. Her knowledge of the Fashion industry is vast.She knows how to put it together . She runs The Fashion Base.

The fashion base is an online base where your wardrobe essentials can be purchased , sourced at very good prices for great products. We offer personal shopping services . Our products range from fabrics(unisex) , jewelry, ready to wear clothes  ,quality weaves and wigs e.t.c

It was officially started fully as a business 2018 August.

Does being a personal shopper put pressure on u in terms of having to dress well
Yes, but most times the ability to source for quality items on their list beyond their expectations make it a good done deal over my looks.

We also do asoebi package for occasions so at the end of the day , they get to love our choices an get it being able to suit their budget .

We ensure every client gets top quality , once they emphasize on the category they prefer. From average cost to luxury range .

To represent well, I have to look like what I do and sell by merely seeing me. So yes , dressing well is a key, even if I have always been fashion conscious.

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