Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Meet 15 Designers Who Make Clothes For Celeb Women

If there’s anybody that is very conscious about their look in terms of what they wear, it’s the female celebrity. This is because what they wear depicts their kind of person.
They don’t just give their clothes to any designers, they make sure the best hands handles their clothes. We all know that it is a necessity for people to dress well and look good in this part of the world, and of course, the fashion industry is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into, as people constantly have a need to cover their nakedness and still look attractive. We have lots of designers in Lagos that have been able to gain the love and patronage of many female celebrities but we will focus on 15 Top Fashion Designers in Nigeria. Not every tailor is a designer, vice versa, but these outstanding personalities are exceptionally good at the art of foreseeing a style and bringing it to life through high-quality fabrics.

The List isn’t appropriate if we don’t start with Bunmi Olatunji, the brain behind Bunmi1 Fashion House, The brand has become a household name, providing services to beauty and fashion conscious women in Nigeria. She’s not only making waves in Lagos, she is well known Home and Abroad, Those that patronize Bunmi Olatunji will always recognize her designs when they see it on someone,  this is because her style is always unique and elegant.

Talking about fashion brands that is known for luxury, Bunmi1 is one of them. One of her celebrity client is the Wife of Lagos billionaire, Dr Folashade Okoya, Let us also add that she has made different collections of luxury clothes for her. What about Lagos celeb babe Toyin Lawani? She is the creative director of Tiannah’s Place Empire, a Fashion Company that has been ab le to set a pace in the fashion. Her business meets the need of having a fashion brand in Nigeria that makes beautiful outfits with the focus on style and quality. This  confident and industrious businesswoman likes to be very professional about her business. Her styles are not the regular ones we see everywhere, anyone rocking her collections always stand out from the crowd.

She is the choice of many celeb women and movie stars. Jumoke Raji is another celeb designer with the taste for style, finishing, and fit. she loves paying attention to details, she very good at creating bespoke and ready to wear creations. This pretty chocolate diva is one of the designer that turn heads at parties, you cannot resist the way she dazzle at parties. She is the brain behind the fast selling brand known as Teekayfashion. She has a huge number of celeb babes as her client, You can never got wrong rocking her style. Here comes the Queen of blings Abimbola of ZEE STITCHES she is well known as Brownsugar4bims on social media, we are also not making a mistake if we call her the queen of embellishment.

Abimbola Azeezat Bakare owns one of the leading fashion brands in Lagos. She has a collection that stands out from the crowd,  her head-turning outfits embellished with her custom made and exclusive glass beads and Crystal’s has made her gained the attention of many female celebrities. Her bling game is no joke because its brings uniqueness to fashion as a whole. Another thing that makes her brand stand out is her creativity, she brings out something out of nothing when it comes to fashion. Did we forget to mention Abiodun Folashade Tokunbo, the face behind ANJY LUMINEE COUTURE. She is popularly known as Ceoluminee on Instagram.

She owns a brand that is well recognized in Lagos, You cannot be a Nollywood star and not rock her collections, this is because she enjoys huge patronage from many female actresses in Nigeria. Not only does she designs cloth for actresses, she has also designed for many society big babes.There’s no doubt that she owns a brand to look out for because she sure knows how to satisfy her clients. So also is Liz Da-Silva,  a popular Nollywood actress and entrepreneur. She owns a brand called Tekovi D’Tailor and she is one of the hot cakes in that sector. Her creativity is second to none which is why many female Celeb Rep her brand. Omolara Kowoti is a pattern drafter and fashion designer.

She is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dunskani Designs, Lagos. she is one of the talented designers that can make you look gorgeous without breaking a bank. Her designs are a combination of contemporary and African designs. Most of the time, when people see her designs, they don’t believe that they are made in Nigeria because they aren’t the common ones we see everywhere. She believes in making classy pieces that will last for people.

What about Kikelomo Onipede? She is the beautiful CEO of that popular Kaftan and boubou brand known as Kik’s place.  Her brand is one of the most sought after fashion brand on Instagram. The simplicity in her collections make her stand out and she also makes sure her clients look trendy and gorgeous despite wearing a boubou or kaftan.

We also have the pretty CEO of Zanzeespabeautynstyle as one of the celebrity designers. We also have young designers that are doing well in that sector,  they include Oluwatobi Akintoye of T16 world of fashion, Folu Ajayi of House of Dabira, Omowunmi Owonifari of Mo’fari Couture, Bimbola Oye-Akinnifesi of Reni smiths and Adebola Adebowale of Derb’s Signature.

–Toyin Ogundiya

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