Tuesday, July 23, 2019

More & More Celebrity Ladies Go For New HOH Lace

•It's The New Luxury HOH Chantilly Lace

•It Costs Over 750k

Luxury and class is the best way to describe ``HOH``, one of the most rocked Lace fabrics by rich female celebrity women in Nigeria.
Of course HOH lace is not new on Nigeria fashion radar but the rate at which even the young rich celebrities crave for this body-friendly fabric will make you want to have collections of  HOH in your wardrobe.

While many love the regular HOH whose 2019 edition is sold for over 450 thousand naira, there is a massive embrace for the latest chattily lace of 2019 edition sold for over 750thousand naira. To say that many Nigeria rich celebrity women love the new Chantilly HOH lace is like stating the obvious.

You may ask why they will rather buy chattily HOH lace which costs 750k instead of the regular HOH worth of 450? Well, the reason many of the rich celebs have embraced this new chattily Hoh lace.is because it sets them apart from the regular HOH crowd. It gives them class. It gives them distinction. Anyone who sees them at parties flaunting their chattily `HOH` lace would easily know that this class of women have money swelling in their bank account.

The rich wear HOH because it shows Class. Those who know how much HOH is sold for will respect you more seeing you wear a lace of 5yards that is sold for close to a Million naira. The rich also prefer HOH lace because it is a timeless piece. One HOH is equivalent to having over 10 other a-list brands yet it is not exclusive to you.  The colours of HOH lace are also very distinct. HOH shows class and finesse. You can’t wear it and not walk like a Queen. They are not always regular colours you see in other places. Their mixture of colours is superb. What about the quality? It can’t be traded for anything. HOH is a quality Luxury brand.  HOH is also a branded lace. You can’t get the imitation in HOH Lace which is common in other collections of Lace.   

HOH Hoferhecht Stickereien is a legendary Austrian manufacturer of fashion fabrics for special occasions. It produces high-end embroideries, sequined silk, lace, tulle and linen. Exclusive designs and cutting-edge technologies are the very soul of the European fabric supplier. Their luxury collection includes guipure lace, appliquéd organza degrade, embroidered tulle, designer silk duchesse and a beautiful range of sequined fabrics – tulle, chiffon, lace, jacquard, wool and trims.
How do you know chanttily HOH lace from the regular HOH lace? It is a rich lace on a net background, usually with a floral pattern, outlined with silk threads. The name of the lace came from French city Chantilly. This type of lace is a timeless classic. Sheer or semi-sheer, with scalloped edges, you can’t just rock it as traditional iro and buba, it is also perfect for bridal fashion, airy evening gowns
One of the celebrity woman who don ‘t wear regular HoH lace is Dr Folasade Okoya and Otunba Folade Adesoye, They are woman of style and panache who doesn’t like wearing the regular Hoh lace rocked by many. They always wear the best of jewellery. You cant help but admire Dr Folasade Okoya, the wife of Eleganza Chairman, Aare Radak Okoya at any social function wearing this luxury chattily lace.

So also is Otunba Folasade Risikiyat Adesoye, the Awujale of Ijebu-High chief who loves to wear the best of Luxury Chanttily HoH LACE. The wife of Otunba Babtunde Adesoye never joke with wearing the best collections of lace and adorning the best of Gold and diamond.

One of those who was sighted wearing chanttily lace few months ago was Mrs Olubunmi Agbeni, the Ceo of Bismid Cosmetics in Lagos. She was spotted rocking this luxury collection from Hajia Jumoke Animashaun, the ceo of Ellsie fabrics. in Lekki.  We have also sighted popular Idumota fabric merchant, Alhaja Ideraoluwa Titilayo, the ceo of Idera fabrics looking hot in a multi coloured chattily lace  in Abeokuta at Alhaja Taofeekat Babayemi’schieftaincy title.  

How do you get HoH chanttily Lace to buy?  Becuase it is a luxury collections of lace, you can get to buy from Mrs Dupe Saego.  She is the major seller of that popular Luxury Lace worn by Nigeria’s rich. Mrs Dupe Saego is as popular as the   dollar. Though she stays in Lagos but her brand and social network goes beyond the nook and crannies of Nigeria. 

Even in faraway North, Mrs Dupe Siego collections of Saego are known. Many Northern rich kids wear her brand of HOH lace during their wedding. Infact many who don’t want to travel to Austria to get the latest edition of HOH lace will rather check Mummy Dupe Saego first. Though she is one of the pioneer fabric sellers but she is known as one of the few lace sellers that sell 2019 or latest edition of HOH lace. Even the Lace manufacturer knows who Mrs Dupe Saego is.   Many other fabric merchants who sell this Luxury brand buy from her to resell.

For an Austra Manufacturer of a respectable brand like HOH lace to know you, you must have been so familiar with the brand and be able to stock many of their collections.   HOH is the king of Lace fabrics.

Another celebrity fabric seller who sell luxury Hoh chanttily lace is Hajia Titi Fatia Opeyemi Marshal , the ceo of Al-fatia fabrics store who wears best collections of chanttily l;lace. Many celebrity who want to buy this new collection of HOH lace always visit her store in Surulere.


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