Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Postnatal Care Assistance Amongst Nigerian Women In The ROI (Republic of Ireland).

It's interesting to know that Nigeria women render postnatal support to one another after child birth...

Since the ROI got tired of immigrants influx into their country. There wasn't any means for women to invite their mothers, mother - in laws, Sisters or any relatives for the kind of postnatal care women enjoyed back in Nigeria,  here in Ireland.

Therefore, our women rose up to the task to give postnatal care to one another after child birth.

The postnatal care was usually carried out by friends, Church women if the mother was a Christian Sister and Asalatu women if it were a Muslim Sister.
Luckily for women who probably have an elder or younger sister or sister - in - laws in the county, their family members create time to look out for their own.

The postnatal care enjoyed back in Nigeria is described thus:
A husband's mother in the Yoruba tribe or wife's mother in the Igbo tribe moves into his son or daughter house for a period of time to care for the nursing mother and child.
She baths the new born, feeding the baby and she sure the baby had burped, she now straps the baby with a wrapped to her back for warmth.

Before engaging in general body hot water towel massage on the new baby's mother to aim at  fitness and body restoration.

Also, the nursing mother doesn't engage in any stressful activities for at least 6weeks after child birth.

She gets pampered by being prepared nourishing and balanced diet for her, sleeps, breastfeed the baby and takes things easy with herself.

Our Irish mid - wives nurses, friends, other nationalities aside Nigerians, always found our postnatal stories interesting.
Nigerians women always crave the type of postnatal care they receive back in Nigeria,
but this  is impossible has our ways of life and activities are completely different abroad.
But the little assistance received from friends, family's and church members do make a bit of a difference.

Irish women postnatal care involves caring for themselves and their baby's by feeding well, resting and sleeping to, but most importantly going on a long walks with their babies in the prams.

And doing all sorts of exercises to get back into shape after child birth.

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  1. Age long tradition..Hopefully d immigration in ROI would appreciate this tradition and let our relatives come around to give the necessary support..Nice piece Ejire special😎

  2. I appreciate your comments. God bless you guys. Amen πŸ™ 😍