Wednesday, July 31, 2019

PR Guru,Osigwe Ingram Hits 50 in Style

Corporate Communications guru, Osigwe Ingram (Enyi Oha)is 50 but he does not look it.He looks refreshingly young. Apart from the sprinkle of grey beards there is nothing to show that he has hit the Golden age.

City people Online Fashion and beauty Magazine asked him for his success secret and he revealed a lot.

How does he feel turning 50 we asked him.

I feel very fulfilled turning 50, In an era where life expectancy is reduced in sub Saharan Africa. Turning 50 gives a cause to thank God for his blessings, life and good health.

I’m fulfilled that I’ve acquitted myself well in my chosen endeavor been able to pick my bills as a Nigeria, been there for my family and friend. Been an employer of labor.

Yes, some regrets, the death of my mother in 2015, Also the death of my younger siblings in 1999 and 2005. Coincidentally, my 2 dead siblings all graduated from FUTO

What was growing up like?

Grew up under a father (school principal) whom taught us to be honest and to imbibe the culture of reading . Had my secondary schools in the east, had my tertiary education @ ABSU Uturu.

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