Saturday, July 6, 2019

Simple techniques to care for our shoes

Arrange your shoes properly, don’t pile your shoes up on top of each other. Place your shoes on the rack and avoid it been jam packed .

Maintain the shape of the toe of softer shoes by packing them loosely with clean tissue or a wooden shoe form.

Use hydrogen peroxide or baking soda to brighten up your white shoes to clean off the stains on your footwear. Mix baking soda, water and hydrogen peroxide together , apply the mixed paste with a soft tooth brush on the stained spot of your footwears and let it dry for few minutes (20-25 minutes) and then remove the paste from the surface with a soft wet clean piece of clothes .

Remove stain from your leather shoes with the use of Isopropyl alcohol, apply a small quantity of Isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad or soft clean cloth and apply it on the stained part, after that leave it under the sun for a while .

Clean your shoes immediately you get back from your outing to avoid any form of dirty blemish on your footwear.

Do not use sponge or hard brush to wash your sneakers. In place of a sponge,  use a soft tooth brush, foam or a soft clean clothes with a mild washing soap or detergent.

Get rid of shoe odor by putting used tea bag inside your shoe, or applying small quantity of baby powder in your footwear.

You can apply hairspray to avoid your  feet from slipping in your shoes.
Do not overwear your footwear in order for it not to lose it form. Constantly wearing a single pair of shoes can damage the shoe and no amount of cleaning can save it from getting damaged.

Always Dey your feet before wearing your shoes. Damp or moist feet can cause the shoe to get moldy.

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