Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Fashion Statements Of Celebrity Lady ADUSKYY

Jewellery merchant, Aduskyy is a very beautiful and stylish lady. She looks good all the time. She is for ever stunning. She looks gorgeous and glamorous in her outfits always and she never fails to dazzle her admirers and friends.

She wears the best jewellery and she has the very best in stock. She is a good advertisement for what she does for a living. Whenever she steps out to a party all heads usually turn in her direction on account of her jewellery and exquisite lace fabrics.
She wears strictly HOH laces and as you know such fabrics don't come cheap.
She is a nice lady who other ladies like to roll with. That is why all her friends like her to be at their events and parties. 

When City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine recently  asked her for her fashion secrets she revealed a lot. We asked her what determines what she wears to parties. "Hmmm.....I'm very simple in my dressing. I prefer brands that are unique & classy. As to what I wear to Nigerian parties, it depends on the type of parties and event.
"I could easily rock Ankara or regular laces or exclusive fabrics like HOH, Filtex or High,"she explained.

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